Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wow ... Phil Mickelson Is Pretty Badass

The Scotsman wrote a story about Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods at the Masters, blah blah blah, they don't like each other. The article does include this little exchange between Mickelson and Nick Faldo at the Champions Dinner at the Masters that basically makes me like Mickelson about 420 percent more than I did when I woke up this morning.

Phil (loud enough for everyone to hear): "Gee Nick, I didn't realize that you are such a big guy. How come you used to hit it so short?"

Faldo: "Listen Phil, when you shoot 19 under par to win the Open at St Andrews you can start giving me a hard time."

Phil: "I understand that. But how come you hit it like such a pussy?"

Faldo: "I played golf the proper way."

Phil: "Yeah, like my wife."

Well played, Mr. Mickelson. Also, Faldo's comeback was about Tiger? He couldn't have said something like, "Well, you overweight pansy, unlike Winged Foot, I tend not to hit tee shots off tents when I'm leading an Open Championship. If you want, you can swing by sometime and check out my six major championships." He had to lean on Tiger about it? Weak sauce, Faldo.

The other part about this I find hilarious is how obsessed Mickelson is with distance. We all remember what Phil had to say about Tiger when he did the whole "he hates that I fly it past him" thing a few years back. Now, all he can talk about is distance with Faldo?

You know when a really douchey guy has a really nice car and tends to rev the engine when you're at a stoplight? You know what you always think about that guy? Yeah, I feel the same way about Mickelson sometimes. (I'm talking about a small penis!)


AppleDawg said...

Phil is a choking douche

I was sitting to the right of that pic above too and I was rooting for Phil

But, the guy has got to shut up privately and I think many hating him on tour show that

Robert said...

what is this writer talking about; Faldo was referring to himself shooting 19 under at St. Andrews not Tiger!

Shane B. said...

Robert, check stats. Faldo was never 19-under at St. Andrews.

T said...

Well, Faldo was -18, so he most likely meant if Phil can beat him, he could talk...

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