Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Bloggers Players Picks

The golf blogging community is a fairly tight-knit group. We have some great websites all around the web that produce original content that makes you laugh, smile and even think (wait, bloggers making us think?!?!!!).

I asked some of the best on the net who they thought might win this week, in a segment we will begin for each of the big tournaments. Here are the picks below.

Patricia Hannigan, of Golf Girl's Diary -- Sergio Garcia (she didn't give a reason, but I think it is because she loves him).

Ryan Ballengee, of Waggle Room -- I would go with Phil Mickelson this week. I like him because he has a win this year, a win in this tournament, and has shown decent form lately. I could say the same thing about Tiger, but it seems that Woods is more likely to spray it into trouble than Lefty.

Neil, of Armchair Golf Blog -- Tiger is about due to win again, even without his "A' game. Plus, I figure he's still ticked about not winning at Quail Hollow and that Sunday duel with Phil at the Masters. Despite poor driving and un-Tigerlike GIR, he is first in one key category: scoring average.

Jay Busbee, of Devil Ball Golf -- I'm going with Lefty. The Sunday 12th at Augusta aside, he's been playing some great golf so far this season. He's played some crappy golf, too, but his oscillations run higher than almost anybody else's. And so far this year, he's stared Tiger down, stats-wise. I predict he holds off a Tiger charge for the win this week. Unless he wears that friggin' white belt, of course.

Stephanie Wei, of Wei Under Par -- Nick Watney: He's been playing stellar all season. He's an excellent ball-striker who hits the long ball. He won the Buick Invitational and placed second at the WGC-CA Championship this year, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with on Tour. Watney's made the cut in 10 of 11 appearances, placed in the top-10 three times and top-25 nine times - not too shabby! Let's do some math: Consistent + Accurate + Confidence = WIN! What more to say? Oh, he's a baller.

Cash, of Bushwood Country Club -- You know I am a red blooded Patriot, and always cheer for my homies, but this week I see something different on the horizon. Actually,its something kinda spiky poking above the horizon - yep, that's my pick's hair I'm talking about. Steely eyed Ian Poulter has been playing well of late, and he's the next REAL Euro threat. Better yet, I am predicting he will rock a lime green look at least once this week!

Jason Woodmansee, of TWITTER -- Years ago for our British Open office pool, we had an intern who did hours & hours of research on the best list of players to pick to win (everyone picked 10) - but neglected cross-reference that list against the actual field. So, while he had excellent reasons to pick Billy Mayfair - backed up with a pile of statistics - the fact that he wasn't, you know, playing in the tournament crippled his chances to win (although Billy was only slightly more of a long shot than the actual winner, Ben Curtis). So, when I looked through the field for the Players (sorry, I forgot they want you to shout) THE PLAYERS and saw Billy Mayfair, I knew just who to pick as the winner -- Tiger Woods. I mean, the guy got called a "loser" on TV by David Flipping Feherty - he'll be out for blood. I also remembered that I just picked the top 10 players in the world for that British Open & won a free lunch. Sorry, Billy.

Shane, of FanHouse/Dogs That Chase Cars -- For the first time since I can remember, I have good reason not to pick Tiger. He's as shaky off the tee at Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan" and he hasn't really been making a ton of clutch putts. While my heart says a big name, I think it's time Jim Furyk wins this thing in his own backyard. He's due to win something, and if he can pull it off on a course he calls home, it sure would be an incredible slump-buster.

Alright, who are you picking? Drop who you like in the comments.


Mark said...

This time Sean O'Hair gets it done and doesn't pull a Freedo on 17 on Sunday.

One-Eyed Golfer said...

I honestly believe Tiger was embarrassed about his Fri-Sun performance. I sensed he was even making little excuses for his play.

I honestly believe he will win and accomplish this by hitting 60% of the fairways...

Jason said...

I love that I am of "TWITTER." I may start introducing myself this way: "I am Jason of TWITTER! Kneel before me!"

Patricia Hannigan said...

You got the reason right.

Anonymous said...

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