Friday, May 15, 2009

The Final Putt: Our Frustration Winner

Since there isn't really any semblance or order to Dogs That Chase Cars, why not have some sort of Friday feature that wraps up all you've missed in the week of golf? Here it is.

-- I tried, and failed, at qualifying for the U.S. Open.

-- If you are looking to buy a rangefinder, this breakdown of the top two will help you decided which one works best for your game.

-- Alas, I had a contest to give away Carl Hiaasen's The Downhill Lie. I asked for the best story of golf frustration, and this one took the cake. Reader Tom, your copy of the great read is on the way, and his submission is below.

A few years back I was playing a round with a good buddy & a couple of friends of his, one of whom was the pro at the course we were playing in Wellington, FL. at the time. Now of course, to make things interesting, we turned a "friendly" into a skins match. It was a good round but surprisingly by the time we got to the 17th we had $1200 riding on the hole. Just as I get ready to tee it up, the pro lets me know how they have had an alligator problem in the lake on this hole. Now my buddy knew I have a "thing" with gators from when I was a kid. Long story for another time.

So I played the hole terribly, having not put two & two together at the time & of course I absolutely gave the hole away, as well as any chance at the $$ riding on it. My buddy won the hole which I thought was odd as well. I was wondering to myself why the pro was not a bit more dominating, he had only won two of the earlier holes. Well it turns out they set me up and ended up splitting the cash. However, they made the mistake of telling me right after the 18th of the whole prank & it's set up because they could not contain their laughter. Needless to say I then proceeded lose it. I have a great sense of humor but at that very moment my issues with gators had just been taken advantage of by a couple of complete strangers & they had "played" me for an entire 18 holes with no remorse.

Well, I decided retribution would be mine right then & there. I took the cart with my friend's clubs in tow and went back to the 17th where I proceeded to then throw them in the same lake where the supposed "gator problem" had been. I told him he could use the money he won by punking me so very well, & go out and buy himself some new ones. Of course I also mentioned he could simply wade out and get his clubs, just be careful of the water moccasins.

Congrats to Tom, and also, I'm not sure I ever want to play golf with your friends. I hope you don't take offense to that.

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One-Eyed Golfer said...

I wouldn't have told the bastard and kept the $1,200.

And how can you replace bag, clubs and the 18k Rolex for only $1,200..??