Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote of the Day

In case you haven't heard, the USGA has lengthened Bethpage Black to nearly 43 miles*.

The course that Tiger Woods won on in 2002 was 7,214 yards, but will play over 200 yards longer this year at the U.S. Open. So, at 7,426 yards, what do you think senior director of rules and competitions have to say about Bethpage?

"This course is going to be long," Mike Davis said.

Yeah, I'd say. There are three par-4s that will play 500 yards or longer, and to make it even tougher, they've hired sharpshooters to try and take out anyone that misses a single fairway.

Tiger shot 277 (3-under) at the Open when it was at Bethpage last time to win, so what wins it now? Even? 3-over? Just finishing?

Hey, at least the bunkers are said to be playing simple.

"I think these are the most challenging sets of bunkers we have," Davis noted.

Ummmm, well, surely the course is set up to where even a poorly hit shot will be playable, right?!?

"We want this to be the toughest test of golf the players face all year," he said to the assembled members of the media. "If you execute the proper shot, you should get the proper result. If you execute a mediocre shot, you should get a mediocre result. And if you execute a poor shot, well ... "

Asked by a media member, how Davis would finish that sentence, the senator of pain said, "Well, you'll be disqualified on the spot and have your tour card revoked. Got it? Got it?!?! Nobody will finish this tournament!!! Nobody!!!!!"*

* = two parts not entirely true


John said...

Hells bells, who cares about an extra 200 yards on the ground? It's Bethpage. I'm worried about how much distance they added vertically. When I was there for the 2002 Open, sweet zombie Jesus, it's like walking a mountain range.

If my back holds up between now and then I'll be going for Saturday this year. You want a roving reporter?

Shane B. said...

I'd love one.