Thursday, May 14, 2009

Which John Daly Do You Like More?

I have to say, the resurgence of John Daly has me absolutely giddy. Never has a guy had so many up and downs in his career, and if this is actually the time Daly has decided to grow up and be a man (I'm a man! I'm 40!), the golf world could be in store for more great Daly moments.

Also, I hate to mention this, but if Daly does continue to play well and avoid passing out in his hot wings, the British Open in 2010 is at St. Andrews and we all know the guy can play that golf course.

The question I want to bring up, is which Daly look do you like more? Are you a fan of the new pants Mr. Daly has been sporting around the European Tour, or the look that made him famous when he first hit the golf world in the 90s? I love the correlation between Daly's jump back to noteworthiness and the fact that the mullet-mustache look is cool again.

Bring it back, John!


One-Eyed Golfer said...

How about all three..!! The LoudMouth Clothing Line, The Mullet/Mustache combo and a 'full Cleveland'.

White shoes and white belts are about the only accesories that will match those pants and shirts.

If he comes back sober, healthy and happy, I'll be tickled pink and the tour will be a better tour for it...

Heather said...

Shame on you Mr. One-Eyed for suggesting a full Cleveland with a mullet!

I've been a Daly fan for years--long before I became a golfer. I wasn't a fan of the mullet when he wore it, but I got a kick out of the fact that he did as he pleased. I feel the same way about the Loudmouth pants, although I desperately want a Loudmouth skort for the course.

In a nutshell, I'm giddy too and pulling for JD all the way.

Werner said...

You gotta love the old-school-unassuming-alternate-has-no-prayer-of-winning-a-major-pre-fall-from-glory Daly. At least that's my two cents. Hope things are treating you well Shane. Let me know if you're in Philly and we'll tee it up like the good old days, only with higher scores!

Cash said...

Love the new look - he looks very comfortable in his skin....first time in a LONG time.

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