Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bloggers US Open Picks

The golf blogging community is a fairly tight-knit group. We have some great websites all around the web that produce original content that makes you laugh, smile and even think (wait, bloggers making us think?!?!!!).

I asked some of the best on the net who they thought might win this week, in a segment we will begin for each of the big tournaments. Here is what we thought of the Players. Here is who we like at Bethpage Black.

Ryan Ballengee, of Waggle Room -- If Tiger hits two-thirds of the fairways at Bethpage, he will win going away. If he sprays it around like he did in winning last year, I think we're talking about a Patoslam. So, Angel Cabrera is my backup - one cool customer.

Scott Stone, of Bushwood Country Club --
I am still awaiting my props,
for putting Poulter at the tops....

However, my Bethpage pick,
is none other than Philly Mick...

One-Eyed Golfer -- Steve Stricker is playing well enough and I do not think he will fold down the stretch. Keeps it in play and has a solid putting stroke for those nasty 4-5 footers. I see both Tiger and Phil 5-6 back again going into the last day - too many strokes at an Open. Curious how many pro's will shoot higher than Ben Roethlisberger's 11-over 81.

Aussie Golfer -- There's just no one else in the field with good enough form over the last month to challenge Tiger at Bethpage. Geoff Ogilvy is beginning to show some signs of his good form early in the year and could be a chance! But then again, maybe I'm just biased.

Neil, at Armchair Golf Blog -- Eldrick "Tiger" Woods.


It's written into ARMCHAIR GOLF bylaws.

Jason Woodmansee, of I Don't Have a Blog Just This Second, But You Can Find Me On Twitter -- Tiger Woods.

I can't do it. I can't talk myself into picking someone other than Tiger. Sergio is going to have Long Island's finest yelling at him all week. People will cheer for Phil, but let's be honest - coming up big in the US Open isn't exactly his thing. I think Tiger's toughest competition will be Some Random Guy - a Beem/Micheel/Hamilton/Curtis/Campbell type who gets hot, doesn't know any better, and forgets to get nervous. I know if I had any cojones, I would actually come up with a guess on who will be this year's Some Random Guy - but, well, as I said, I just can't pick against Tiger.

Stephanie Wei, of Wei Under Par -- I'm going with Geoff Ogilvy (PUMA isn't paying me to say this, I swear), who started the year strong with two wins early in '09. Lately, he hasnt done anything that spectacular other than the 63 he fired in round three at the Memorial. But I recall a snowman on his scoredcard the final day. Oh well. I mean, somehow he managed to finish T10. You could say Ogilvy hasn't exactly been a bastion for consistency recently. Then again, he hasn't MC'ed and his stats are pretty darn good. He's just an all-around solid player. Not to mention, he's a fairly long hitter, which I think I've heard every other minute is an advantage at Bethpage. More importantly, he hits it really high - a must for the many elevated greens - and if the greens firm up, it'll help hold the ball. What else am I forgetting? Oh yeah! He won the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot and finished T9 last year. I think he likes Mike Davis' set-up philosophy. If anyone can hold-off Tiger, it'll be Ogilvy.

Jay Busbee, Devil Ball Golf -- There really are just two options, right? Tiger or the field? All right, then, I'll go with the field just to be wacky and different. Specifically, I'm taking Padraig Harrington. You don't just stumble into three majors, and while he's been goofing with his swing too much for my liking of late, I think he's got what it takes, both in game and in mindset, to win at Bethpage. Go Paddy!

Me, of Dogs That Chase Cars and FanHouse -- Because I'm loony like that, I went with Henrik Stenson. The guy is good and has won some big tournaments and isn't Tiger or Geoff or Phil. I also just popped 11 pills. I'm surprised I didn't pick Ben Roethlisberger.

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