Friday, June 26, 2009

A Couple of Things You Might Have Missed

First, Happy Friday! The NBA Draft is officially over, which means there is basically ZERO things happened the rest of the summer except Wimbledon, the British Open and (I'm using my blah face) baseball.

That is a good thing for golf. It means more people will care of the coming weeks about our favorite game, and less about crossovers and touchdowns.

Here are a couple of stories from yesterday you might have missed while you were in the war room ...

-- Kenny Perry ties his personal best score on the PGA Tour with a 61. Yeah, it was low, but Perry missed four makeable putts on his way in to give himself a shot at 59. Oh well, he's still leading the Travelers Championship. [FanHouse]

-- Cheyenne Woods, Tiger Woods' niece, shot a 3-over 75 in her LPGA debut. Also, and I'm saying this in the least-creepy way possible, she's kinda cute. [FanHouse]

More to come, but I hope your Friday is rocking thus far.

Michael Cohen, Getty Images


Charles Boyer said...

I really hope that Cheyenne Woods doesn't get "the LPGA Tiger" tag stuck to her. She's talented (I've seen her on the course in the Triad area of NC) but she needs to make her own way and form her own identity.

Patricia Hannigan said...

Kinda cute?

Have a good weekend Shane Bacon king of understatement.

Andrew said...

She couldn't look more like tiger. I just zoomed in on my iPhone and she is a spitting image of tiger with lipstick. So your "kinda cute" comment is border line creepy. However, given your obsession with golf and tiger, the comment is understandable.