Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dick's Sporting Goods Wants to Give you $20 For Free (No, Seriously)

You know all those gimmicks about free stuff? "Hey, this is free, but you have to fill out your name, social security number, blood type and jeans size."

This isn't like that. Dick's Sporting Goods, which has been hitting it hard on the golf front of late, is offering up at $20 gift certificate to Dogs, and I'm extending it to you loyal readers.

A couple of things you need to know before you get into the meat of this "contest" -- First, Dick's is now offering 50 percent off golf club regripping, so if your grips look like the spine of a silver-back monkey (Note: I have no idea what that means), go online to Dicks and get your clubs retooled.

Alright, so to pick who gets the free gift certificate, I decided to do this. Tell me the funniest "club tossing" story you have. Now, I need you to understand, I'm looking more for "the club slipped out of my hand because my grips suck" story than "I helicoptered my wedge further than I can hit my driver" story, but I'm down for any and all.

Here are a couple of mine ...

-- At the course I grew up on as a kid (Marshall Lakeside Country Club), one of the par-3s is short but over water. I was a kiddo and it was only 125 yards, but I had to hit driver because, I don't know, I had the early genetics of Mike Weir. Anyway, I went after it and the club went out of my hand and directly into the drink. I tried to get it out but that baby was steel and wasn't going to float. My dad never believed that I did this, thinking I went Romeo on that bad boy and then tossed away the evidence. I still don't think he believes that, to be honest.

-- Second story ... playing golf with two buddies during a high school practice round at a course in Longview, Texas. It was raining pretty hard at this point (luckily, nobody was screaming at us for using our umbrellas), and one of our buddies tended to lose his temper if his game went south. On one of the par-5s with out of bounds down the right side, this kid went the big slider directly over the white steaks, and let go of his club through his back swing in disgust. What he didn't account for was the wet conditions, and the club ended up sliding out of his hands, directly back at me and the other buddy, slamming into my friend's chest at full speed. My buddy that got hit didn't even blink, teed it up and ended up making par on the hole.

I know one of you readers can do better than those. Let me have it in my e-mail (shanebacon at gmail dot com), and you'll win $20 from the fine people at Dick's Sporting Goods.


Jared Seal said...

Playing Buffalo Creek in Dallas with bro-in-law and friends. Began playing and drinking around 8:30 am on a Saturday morning. 6 Holes or so in to this outing my hellasious slice reared its ugly head.
The best I that I can recall, I had a three wood in hand and it caused me to hit a poor shot. To punish it for its poor performance I decided to through it. It was a horrible club because it even sliced it "chunking". This stupid club landed on the back yard side of a fence that paralleled the hole.
Needless to say, I got to carry my drunk ass over the rot-iron fence to retrieve the club. Moral of the story, if your club is causing you to slice the ball, don't through it.

Matt said...

In Ames, IA, there's a small Muni called Homewood GC. When I was in college at Iowa State, a friend and I took serious advantage of their cheap Summer student membership. We had our class schedules arranged so that we were done by noon and played nearly every day right after class. A big rainstorm was on the way and we figured we could hustle through nine holes before the rains came. Almost. We got through 7 when the rain came across the fairway like a wall, catching us on 8 tee. Being brave college kids (read: stupid college kids fueled by a sixer of PBR each), we decided to play on and finish the round. I tee it up on 8 and, as it is a drivable hole, let one rip with all of my strength. The club flew out of my hands straight down the fairway 30 or 40 yards with the ball coming up just short of the green. Missed the Eagle chip-in much like the Bishop in Caddyshack (no lightning, though).

Freedo said...

So hoisting your seven iron into the drink on the left at Charleston National in SC in frustration after crushing a 275 yd drive with 150 to get home and plunking it in the drink doesn't count?

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