Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Golf In New York City

I've only been a part of the fast-paced New York City for a short period of time after my stint as a caddie in St. Andrews. The girl I was dating at the time had an internship in NYC, so after Scotland I flew over to try and take down the Big Apple only to realize all too quickly that there would be one thing in my life I'd be without -- golf. put together a really cool ten picture gallery of different people in the city doing whatever they can to keep their game in shape. The picture above, of a man named Ryan Knopp was my favorite, but there are some other incredible pictures in the gallery including a putting green on the balcony of one building and a lady teeing it up at Chelsea Pier in her high heels.

I guess when you live in a city with certain forms of transporting, you have to make due. These troopers in this gallery sure do.

Credit: Landon Nordeman