Thursday, June 4, 2009

John Daly Is Anti-Round Twittering

I feel like I type the word "Twitter" at least 35 times a day now. Do you have a Twitter? What's your Twitter page? Did you read Michelle Wie's Tweet? Is Twitter coming to the Twitter later for Twitter?

I have to say, that little genius website has become downright addicting, and as I've become influenced by it, so have a lot of professional golfers. With the LPGA announcing that they're pushing for in-round Tweets, one PGA Tour golfer spoke up today ... on his Twitter.

PGA_JohnDaly -- VOTE NO from me on twittering during play!! I didn't see your play because I was Twittering--did you make three or four?

It's a fair point. If you were over there pounding away at your cell phone while your playing competitor was hacking it in the trees, how are you supposed to know exactly what he scored? It's one of those questions that seems legit to ask, yet nobody is bringing it up.

You heard it here first -- when John Daly makes the idea look ridiculous, it probably has some flaws.

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txq said...

Daly might be anti-round twittering, but he sure ain't anti-round.