Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucas Glover Claims US Open to Remember

I know you're probably disappointed with who eventually won that marathon U.S. Open. Most wanted Phil Mickelson. Some wanted Tiger Woods. The others were rooting for David Duval.

Bottom line -- at the end of the day the guy that played the best golf took the crown, making a birdie on 16 and pars on 17 and 18.

The great Awful Announcing pulled some video of the final round, you can find right here.

Hope you enjoy.


DoubleGlover said...

Yes, the guy who played best golf (during better weather conditions) wins! The perks of being on the second wave... timing is everything! :)

John said...

A lot of people want to say that Tiger/Phil/Duval/whoever didn't win because they got screwed by the weather, but... when it comes to tournament golf that's part of the game, isn't it?

In the long run it all evens out...