Friday, June 12, 2009

Sir Nick Faldo? Someone Buy Me a Shot

Sadly, the headline isn't a joke. Nick Faldo, purveyor of annoyance and "remember what I did 53 years ago" will be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday, meaning that the saying "anything is possible" might also be knighted.

"I was delighted to hear the news that I will be receiving a knighthood and am more than a little bit humbled to have been afforded this great honor," Faldo said. "It has come as a real surprise, and the reaction from my children, family and friends has made this a very special moment for me."

Faldo, only the second professional golfer to receive a knighthood following Sir Henry Cotton in 1988, won his first professional title in 1977 and added 46 more wins worldwide - including three Masters and three British Opens.

I really don't have much to add here except that knighting might as well change their name to the Baseball NFL Hall of Fame because just about anyone can get in at this point. Next up to be knighted? Amy Winehouse. No, seriously.


Aussie Golfer said...

Sadly, being annoying does not exclude someone from becoming knighted. Hey, even Elton John got one! It almost appears as if you have to be annoying. Maybe Johnny Miller's half a chance!?

One-Eyed Golfer said...

Do you get a castle?

G Cubed said...

Hate to disagree, but it's still pretty tough to get into the Baseball HOF. Now the NFL HOF...thats a more apt analogy.