Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tiger In A Slump? Come on ...

The moment Tiger Woods fails to win a golf tournament, people run for the hills. "What is wrong with Tiger?!" "Is he ever going to be the same?!" "What will golf become?!?!!"

Obviously calling his stretch this season a slump is pretty far-fetched. Woods hasn't finished out of the top-10 in a single stroke play event, winning at Bay Hill and nearly taking The Players with a golf swing that resembled a prisoner cutting weeds down next to the highway.

My good buddy Ryan Wilson dived into this topic, pulling out some great stats and facts about Woods and how we shouldn't smash down on the panic button so fast. His game will turn for the better eventually, and when that happens we can all high-five our buddies and go back to real problems, like why the economy is killing our young people and why Starbursts felt the need to change from their original flavors.

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The Khaki Crusader said...

amen. yesterday showed he can still stick it to these guys basically on command.