Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Irons Do You Play?

I was just interesting in what type of irons people were playing. I have recently gotten very, very comfortable with my new Titleist AP2 irons, hitting them better and better and actually dialing in the yardages a tad better than when I was flying every green at the U.S. Open qualifier.

Before that, I had some Titleist blades that I nearly hit the grooves off of, and I feel irons are the one part of the golf bag that people stick with for years if they're working.

What do you play? Any favorites? Do you switch a lot or stick to your favorites?


Matt said...

5 year old Nike Pro Combo OS. Thoroughly worn down, but still playing quite well. Looking to upgrade as soon as I can get back into some form of employment!

Jonathan said...

AP2's as well w/ KBS tour shafts. Absolutely love them! They replaced Pint I3 "blades".

Cash said...

I confess - I switch irons more often than Paris Hilton switched BFs ( or is it BFFs). I'm now playing the TM 2009 Burner Irons ("The Set is Dead, Dude !!!). In the last 18 month, Ive played the AP1s,TM r7 TPs, and Titleist 755s.

Shane B. said...

Wow. Glad your nickname is Cash.