Friday, June 12, 2009

When A Hole-In-One Is Really an Eagle 2


I really try not to point out errors because I know I make a ton on my own, but I also don't work for The Golf Channel and I really, really struggle to stand Kelly Tilghman. It seems that if there is an error to be made, she does it.

In the introduction to the coverage of Friday's St. Jude Championship, Tilghman showed the shot of the day, by Camilo Villegas.

She calls it a "hole-in-one on the 8th from 172." Well, that was kinda close. It was an eagle two, on the par-4 17th hole. He hasn't played the 8th today. He will eventually. Maybe she's a part of the Fantastic Four and can read minds. Maybe I better watch out!

Not only does it say at the top of the graphic "second shot," but the scorecard after shows the double-circled eagle on 17. Maybe I'm just being grumpy, which is crazy since it is Friday, but I thought I'd pass it along.

ULCER-INDUCING UPDATE: As golf was finishing up on The Golf Channel, the recap included the Camilo shot again. Tilghman actually got it right this time, saying that was his hole-out on the 17th, but then went on to stumble through some sort of commentary that included something to the effect of, "That eagle coupled with the hole-in-one on 8 ..." before realizing how wrong she was, and trying to save herself with something like, "I mean, the hole-out on his eighth hole." Does she even watch the tournament? I'm just wondering because I feel like that is something you'd want to do if commentating golf was your job. It would be like if I laid brick for a living. I'd actually want to know what a brick was. That would probably be step number two, right behind make sure you had hands.


Marc said...

Kelly should always use the "Jim Nantz - here's a sappy, over the top human interest piece I'm sure you will love" angle anytime she gets in trouble.

The Khaki Crusader said...

i've never even been convinced kelly likes golf. not a fan either

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