Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When You've Probably Had Too Much to Drink on the Golf Course

Everyone that drinks has done it. You go to the golf course with some buddies, you start drinking on the first tee and before you know, you'd had more beers than pars. Hell, some of us have more beers than blades of grass. Add this dude to the latter.

After drinking at least 10 beers at a golf course on state Highway 167 and being left behind by the relatives who brought him there, a South Milwaukee man decided to drive himself the nearly 40 miles back to his home - in a golf cart.

He did not even take the time to throw the empty beer cans out of the cart before hitting the road in the commandeered cart, according to a Washington County Sheriff's Department incident report released Monday.

The man, 47, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of second-offense operating a vehicle while intoxicated after a sheriff's deputy stopped the golf cart the suspect was driving southbound on state Highway 175, the report says.

See, this is the problem with combining alcohol with the links. Golf makes you go crazy enough as it is, and when you combine something that drops your morals, who knows what might happen.

Well, I do know what happens ... you attempt to drive 40 miles in a rented golf cart with empty beer cans and, eventually, a ticket. I don't know a lot in this world, but I do know this -- if you want to get pulled over by an officer, drive down a highway in a golf cart. That, or try sledding down an Interstate. Trust me, it isn't a good idea and hurts like a bitch.

h/t Deadspin


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