Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anthony Kim, We Love You, But Lose the Necklace

It's the day after July 4th, which most know as "the day I had 11 Advil and drank my local Starbucks out of coffee," so while you're nursing that hangover that has made you and your toilet rekindle that long, lost relationship, golf is now to help between sessions.

Currently, Hunter Mahan is tied with Tiger Woods after Mahan fired a course-record tying 62 with birdies on what seemed like the last 32 holes (I'm not much of a math guy). Also in the hunt is Anthony Kim, who I'm a big fan of but is sporting a necklace right now that looks like he is posing for a Hollister billboard.

Listen, I love Kim, and am all for the crazy belt buckles and what not, but this necklace takes it too far. Come on AK ... douche it down.

Scott Halleran, Getty Images

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