Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bloggers British Open Picks

The golf blogging community is a fairly tight-knit group. We have some great websites all around the web that produce original content that makes you laugh, smile and even think (wait, bloggers making us think?!?!!!).

I asked some of the best on the net who they thought might win this week, in a segment we will begin for each of the big tournaments. Here is what we thought of the Players. Here is who we liked at Bethpage Black. This is our take on the British ...

Vince, at One-Eyed Golfer -- Young Zach Johnson. Same skill set as 90 percent of the under 35 year-old guns but has a better head. Also, has the BTDT tee-shirt. Keep an eye out for Sergio. I'm getting vibes similar to those I used to get in the late 1960's before I started using for medicinal purposes only.

Ryan, at Waggle Room -- I'm thinking Sergio. Turnberry is set up for a ball striker to win - accurate off of the tee and avoid the very deep, thick rough. Sergio can do that better than anyone if he can block out Morgan Leigh Norman for four days. Though that British weather may put him in an emo mood.

Michael, at Aussie Golfer -- We all know the obvious choice but here's a couple of dark horses:

Lee Westwood is going to be right there and of the Aussies, Rod Pampling has been thereabouts lately.

Neil, at Armchair Golf Blog -- Tiger Woods. (Bylaws.)

Patricia, at Golf Girl's Diary -- I know he'll be playing against "more than the field" but I still think Sergio Garcia can do it.

Scott, at Bushwood Country Club -- 2009 has been a year of surprises in the Majors thus far, and my pick is (somewhat of) a surprise. As obvious as picking Tiger seems, I'm just not the kind of guy to cave in to what seems an easy I am going with someone who has played well in pressure situations, is familiar with the courses in Europe, and is damn stylish to boot. I hear that my man has even had Oakley make him (another) set of cool shades to match his outfits (man crush fodder,for sure). That's right, I am picking Ian Poulter to hoist the claret jug in if I can just find some of those Union Jack shorts at Loudmouth golf...

Jason Woodmansee, of Twitter Fame -- My wife has informed me that would be completely lame for me to pick Tiger Woods again. I explained to her that I had a really funny bit where I would heap praise on Sergio and say that this is where he finally wins one - and then pick Tiger anyway. Nope, she said - still lame. But basic odds means you should ALWAYS pick Tiger, I say - and I want to look smart in front of all these people on the Internet. Then she sighs, and tells me that I shouldn't look for validation from strangers, especially ones that probably live in their parents' basement. Oh, well done, I say - THAT joke hasn't been used before. Besides, I don't think they have basements in most Arizona houses. Whatever, she says - I'd pick Jim Furyk if I were you. Jim Furyk? I say - is he even still on the tour? Fine, Mr. Smarty Pants, she replies - are you actually going have the cojones to pick someone other than Tiger? Ok, I say, I'm going with Kenny Perry. He's playing well & got close at the Masters - this is his best shot. Wow, she says, picking a guy who never plays links courses and is 900 years old - I bet your online "friends" will be impressed by that. Oh, they will, I sniff. They will...

Stephanie Wei, of Wei Under Par -- Ian Poulter: Let's not kid ourselves, Tiger is going to win, but I won't officially pick him out of principle. Way too boring. Le sigh. I'm basically picking for second here; though I'd really, really like to see Poults come through. I mean, I just like his tweets so much. Oh, I can't forget his cool outfits either. Aside from that, he's been having a pretty good year. He finished T2 at THE PLAYERS and T18 at the US Open. Surely he hasn't forgotten how close he came last year. He's an all around solid player - accurate, good iron player and stellar around the greens. No doubt he has the game to win Majors. It's just a matter of putting it all together for four rounds. If he's rolling in the putts, watch out.

Shane, of Dogs and FanHouse -- I said it over at FanHouse, but I'm going with Martin Kaymer. Two wins in a row heading into the British, and a game that looks like it is major championship worthy.

Who do you like this week at Turnberry? Drop your picks in the comments.


Kevin said...

I love Soren Kjeldsen. He is a top 10 machine in Europe and has the toughness to contend if the conditions get nasty.

Shane B. said...

I knew I should have gone with Tom Watson!!!

michael said...

i like Lee Westwood for the championship.

he had practice in dealing with the pressures of playing with Tiger at last year's US Open, so he'll know what he needs to do for their first 2 rounds together.

all he needs to worry about now is getting his putter red hot.

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