Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Has John Daly Really Changed?

John Daly is to golf commitment what Brett Favre is to retirement. One minute, you think the guy is finally done with all the shenanigans that have landed him in divorce, jail and, even worse, the European Tour (kidding).

For some reason, like my buddy Ryan Wilson pointed out at FanHouse, this is the first time I can actually believe Daly. Unlike the past, when his "re-commitment" was only drinking beer instead of Whiskey, Daly has decided to lose weight, get a stable (we're assuming) girlfriend, and grind it out with his golf game. At 43, it must be setting in that Daly won't have his abilities for much longer, so he might as well harness it while he still can.

Daly commented this week that his short game has been giving him fits, and that he is currently working on the putting so he can be more consistent in his upcoming tournaments. Quick, tell me the last time a story about Daly concentrating solely on his golf game? It sure seems like its been a while.

"I love the way I am hitting the ball, I just didn't think my putter would be this bad," said Daly, who is 196th in putting. "It's tough when you hit it so good and don't score. Rick has got his work cut out for him with my putting." ...

"He's aiming poorly, which makes you compensate in your stroke," Smith said. "We have to get his aim right and then put the forward press in his stroke like it used to be years ago, and that creates better rhythm. It's a little different feeling but it's a good one, and if the putts start going in, he's really going to do something because he's hitting the ball great."

We all know what Daly can do when he focuses on his golf game. The question is, will we be fooled into thinking another wolf is headed our way, or will this finally be the year that Daly decides to stop being ridiculous, and start being real?

I, for one, hope he has changed. Having Daly around is one of the best things that could happen to golf.

GLYN KIRK, AFP/Getty Images


The Ida said...
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Vince Spence said...

Once you are a pickle, you cannot go back to being a cucumber.

In my opinion, John is an alcoholic and needs to address his disease whether he is drinking or not drinking. This malady does NOT go away like sprained ankles. You have it forever and if you are not happy not drinking, you'll drink again the way you used to. In JD's case, that means another 'orange suit' disaster is in his future.

Heather will yell at me again and I hope John does something positive for his problem. He is good for the tour because he does not curse and throw clubs like others we know.

The Khaki Crusader said...

I agree, Vince. Just actually finished reading Daly's bio from a few years back (maybe '06?) The guy just flat out has too many addictions to go further in the game without addressing them. As alot of addicts do, he doesn't feel comfortable with normal, needs those raging highs and bitter lows and those will be his downfall. I'd love to see the guy win, again. That really would be awesome.

Shane B. said...

Maybe we should introduce Mr. Daly to Red Bull? At least it doesn't have alcohol in it.