Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jaybird Endorphin Headphones ... So Awesome You'll Want to Practice

I have reviewed some products over the years, and for the most part I'm pleasantly surprised. You have a golf club, like the TaylorMade r9, that adds 15 yards just for switching. I've had Golf Pride grips that make holding the golf club a different experience.

What I didn't expect was what happened when I picked up a pair of the Jaybird Endorphin headphones ($99 dollars). See, when I go to practice, I listen to my iPod. I don't try to listen to anything intense, just some calming music that makes me think more about my tempo than anything (It also helps keep randoms at bay that would usually approach you for swing tips).

The Endorphin headphones completely changed that. See, the headphones clip around your ears, and stuff deep into your eardrums, allowing you to listen to music at a lower volume while keeping outside noise from disturbing your practice.

These headphones are typically used by runners or bikers, but the range is just as important a place for things like this, because of all the moving parts.

The iPod headphones just don't do it. The string isn't long enough, it is annoying and restraining to your golf swing, and just doesn't cut it. Trust me, I should know, I've been using them for five years.

The Jaybird headphones make it different. The cord is longer than the iPod white headphones, so it allows you a little more slack. I wrapped the headphones around my ears, and allowed the string to go down my spine area, and at times, forgot it was even there.

If you're a range rat that enjoys jamming to tunes while you fine-tune your game, I couldn't recommend the Jay bird headphones higher. They are nearly a must for anyone serious about practice (Cue Allen Iverson).


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