Monday, July 6, 2009

Scotland, Here I Come!

My bags are all packed (I'm bring more stuff than the pilgrims did our way), and my golf clubs are nice and shiny and the golf towel got its first wash in months, so it must mean I'm ready to head across the pond.

I leave tomorrow afternoon on my three-flight excursion, but wanted to let everyone know a couple of things.

First, I'll have a Flickr page (right here) that you can check to see updated photos. Basically, at night when I'm at the bed and breakfast after 11 Tennets, I'll be trying to make funny captions about the day. Follow me as a buddy on Flickr and you might win a high five.

Second, I'll be Tweeting like crazy over in Scotland. Follow me here, and enjoy the pics and stuff I'll be sending around while driving on the wrong side of the road, trying not to hit any sheep.

Cruden Bay, Royal Aberdeen, The Old Course, The Castle Course, Carnoustie and possibly Kingsbarns, if it's lucky. That is the lineup. I'll be reporting from the trip. Follow along and comment at will.

Have a great week everyone.


Aussie Golfer said...

All the best Shane. To say we're all jealous would be an understatement. We all like our golf days in the sun but I'm hoping you get to experience some reall Scottish golfing conditions. That's what I want to hear about!

geno said...


What? No attempt to conquer Dukes?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Have fun, Shane. Safe travels.

Shane B. said...


I actually enjoy my ass and do not like having it handed to me.

Dukes = the Devil

/might sneak up there anyway :-)

geno said...


You're preaching to choir, Brother, re: Dukes!

I have a friend who worked for the Trust who told me that they made extensive changes to The Castle Course-they reshaped a bunker I think. St. Andrews is a great town. The history, the golf and, when the college is in session, all give that town a buzz that most don't realize. After all those years watching the Open, the picture of me on the Swilcan Bridge is one of my personal treasures. Have a pint for me at the Dunvegan Hotel.