Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Final Thoughts From Scotland

Since I wrote 8,000 words on Monday about Scotland, I was bound to forget some things.

Here are a couple of things ...

-- I took two drivers over to Scotland, one being the new Taylor Made r9, and I have to say, it is the perfect wind driver. Into the 9th hole on the last round at the Old Course, the wind was in our face a good 15 MPH or so. I hit a little stinger driver that cut over the last pot bunker, forcing Nigel, our caddie, to say "That sure was a creative shot." It ended up about 20 feet from the pin for eagle. If you can believe it, I didn't make it (Argh).

-- I have been really battling this back and forth and can't decide which would be harder -- going to Scotland and driving with all the roundabouts or coming to the States and driving with all the Interstates and loops. Also, can someone explain to me the protocol for roundabouts? If you are in the far left lane, does that mean you have to exit within the first two exits? I honestly just drove really aggressive the whole time there and hoped not to die.

-- The R&A is already starting to toughen up the Old Course, adding some different types of grass to certain parts of the rough. Our first caddie, Scott, told us that the Links Trust (in charge of the Old Course when the British isn't around) has complained to the R&A, which has fallen on deaf ears, about the rough making it too tough for everyday golfers. Honestly, in certain parts of the second and 17th holes, the rough was nearly unplayable. This also makes me extremely excited for 2010.

-- With the Castle Course making such an imprint on me, and obviously setting itself up to be one of the "must plays" in Scotland when the greens improve and the course matures, it raises the question, "What course will be dumped for the Castle in the Dunhill Cup?" The Dunhill Cup is one of the least talked about great golf tournaments in the world, which pits teams against each other in early October. The teams must play the Old Course, Kingsbarns and Carnoustie, and some thing the Castle will replace either Carnoustie (since it is quite the drive from the other two courses) or Kingsbarns, since the Links would much rather have another St. Andrews course featured.

-- I'm planning a trip to Bandon Dunes in November to try out links golf in the States. I've done Scotland, and now need to give our best example a try and see how it plays out. Anyone that has some contacts that way, send them along.

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Adam said...

Nice review. I was in Scotland 2 years ago and it was the highlight of my golf "career" (I use that term extremely lightly). Didn't get to play The Old Course though. I'm going over my Turnberry pictures before the Open too.

Bandon is great -- Bandon reminds me a lot of Scotland (Kidd designed the Castle Course), Pac Dunes is unlike anything I'd ever played, and Trails is fun risk/reward course. You will enjoy it.