Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Having Stewart Cink as Our British Open Champion Might Be Fun After All

The above photo is from Stewart Cink's Twitter page. As you probably know, Cink won the 2009 British Open on Sunday, dashing everyone's hopes that Tom Watson would become the oldest (And as some of my girl friend's have said, "old man cutest") major champion.

Yep, Watson's story would have been incredible, but Cink's might turn out to be just as fun. The above photo came with the following Tweet -- "Having trouble deciding which cup to pour my OJ in this morning."

Yep, I'd say this could be pretty entertaining over the following few weeks.


John said...

Speaking as a reformed boozer and thus one who drinks an AWFUL lot of orange juice, Stewart has excellent (and expensive) taste. Though I imagine OJ is probably cheaper in whatever warm-weather clime he holes up in.

Matt said...

I hope you didn't miss this one!

Any guesses as to which beverage will be first to be consumed from the Jug? There really was no question http://yfrog.com/b8bejj