Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Assuming He Won't Be Facebook Friends With Anna Rawson Much Longer

A lot of athletes use Facebook as a place to talk about their lives. They interact with fans and updates messages so everyone has a quick and easy way to find out about their best players.

Anna Rawson is no different. After a round of even-par, Rawson messaged that she shot 4-over on the front and 4-under on the back. Rawson does spend a lot of time working on her appearance, and one of her Facebook friends responded accordingly.

Matthew Jones wins. I laughed, so I guess you've got that going for you. Being friends a fan of Rawson much longer? Yeah, not so much.

Phil Mickelson Gives Us His Own Personal Reaction to His Pants

Bravo to Phil Mickelson for trying to wear the above pants. He sported them today in nasty weather at the Barclays, and to be honest, he deserves a medal for his attempt to dress a little younger (sad part is, he's wearing the golf equivalent of an older man trying to sport Ed Hardy to keep up with the kids ... it was never cool, will never be cool, and is only worn by people you'd never want to have an extended conversation with).

Anyway, I was going to give you my own personal reaction when I saw Phil's pants for the first time, but lucky for us, Phil did it for me.

So, without further ado, here is the Dogs (and Phil) reaction to the dookie brown stripped pants.

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fun Game With Tiger Woods' Wednesday Press Conference ...

Here is a fun game we're going to play on this fine Thursday morning. Count all the times Tiger Woods uses the word "interesting" in his press conference. Got your pin and paper ready? Okay, lets do it!

Q. What did you think of the golf course?

TIGER WOODS: It's interesting. (Laughter).

Q. In a good way?

TIGER WOODS: It's interesting.

Q. Do you think when you have a situation where so many points, FedExCup points are at stake in these last three events that you can't really afford to take a week off anymore?

TIGER WOODS: You can't, unless you go ahead and really win. The points structure is different, no doubt, and on top of that, you're playing for a position in THE TOUR Championship, which is different. It's not cumulative. So that's a bit of a change from the last time I played. I haven't played under this system, so I guess no one else has, either. It will be interesting to see how that works going into THE TOUR Championship.

Q. How would you like to see it?

TIGER WOODS: I think it's just interesting. You keep resetting. The entire year, you work hard, say you won 25 tournaments this year, it doesn't really matter. You come here, you don't play well, you're not getting in THE TOUR Championship.
It is different. You want to put more weight at the end of the season which they are trying to do, trying to make it a little more interesting. They have changed the system twice and now it's the third time changing. Hopefully this will work. We'll see what happens.

Q. Do you think it's fair if you could win the next three weeks and not win the FedExCup with eight wins this year?

TIGER WOODS: It could happen.

Q. It could very well happen?

TIGER WOODS: It could very well happen, no doubt. Guys who haven't won a tournament all year could win the FedExCup.
It is quite interesting how it could work out that way.

I'm assuming we can all agree that half the "interestings" are really just code for "I hate this golf course," and "the FedEx Cup is stupid." Tiger sure does have a way with words. How many did you count?

Barclays Live Video Feed

If you are at work and want to watch Tiger Woods' round, you can, on Here is the link for the Barclays live feed, so check out Tiger live.

Update: Yeah, so I guess this thing is only showing the 16th hole, which makes total sense. Sorry for the confusing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can I Fall Back in Love With Phil Mickelson?

I must admit this -- my favorite PGA Tour golf memory involves Phil Mickelson. It was 2004, when he won that dramatic first major championship, and my family was huddled around a small television in the back of a lake house, hoping that the putt would fall and we'd get to see Phil finally toss the majorless monkey off his back and join the ranks of winners (or maybe I was secretly hoping to hear that the following year he'd had In-N-Out as his champion's dinner).

After that tournament, my love faded. He wasn't the lovable loser anymore, and like bad fashion movements, Phil's capri pants weren't cool anymore. We loved him because he was as batty as most of us on the golf course, but when he finally started to win, we didn't love him as much. Not all of his fans, but some.

This year has changed a lot with Phil. White belt and terrible clothes not withstanding, Phil has had to endure a lot and it has made him human again. We can relate to Mickelson once more, because like us, he is having a shitty year. He can't hide from life just because he's worth millions of dollars and can hit the ball better than any of us could ever dream of.

I find myself cringing at negative Phil articles again. I take offense when people question his weight. (Honestly, who doesn't gain a couple of pounds when the two most important females in their life come down with the same, horrible disease?) I think I'm slowly loving Phil again.

His fake smile won't go away, but his charisma seems to be back. Reader Ted e-mailed me this photo today of Phil and Ted's friend's mother. The backdrop? A Wal-Mart.

Phil Mickelson at a Wal-Mart.

You're turning it around, Phil. Keep it up and you might just win one more fan back in your corner. Lefty's are supposed to unite, right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Even when Barack Obama is playing golf, he finds himself in the woods!

/Fox News'd

via Gawker
I ripped the FedEx Cup today. I hope the PGA Tour isn't mad at me. [FanHouse]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How Can You Not Love Ryan Moore?

It didn't happen because Ryan Moore took it upon himself to win the Wyndham Championship on Sunday. Nope, that wasn't the reasoning. This was something that some people have, and some people don't. It's being cool. It's being chill. It's being one of those guys people would enjoy having around.

Ryan Moore has that. Sure, the guy is one of the most decorated amateur golfers we've ever seen, but his success on the PGA Tour hasn't been what he wanted it to be. It took him five years to card a victory, that happened on Sunday when he birdied the third playoff hole to take down Kevin Stadler. It's just, Moore is the kind of guy you'd invite over for a beer, or a steak or text a funny joke because he'd probably reply with something equally entertaining.

Moore had sponsor deals with companies, but felt that didn't suit him very well, so he dropped them. Millions of bucks he left on the table to be more like himself and less like everyone else. He buys his own clothes. He uses a bag that looks like it came directly from the set of "Caddyshack." He has a little bit of a gut that looks more weekend golfer than PGA Tour winner. He doesn't care.

He is just a guy, and a guy that is damn good at golf. His win just cemented exactly what he told me earlier this year when I talked to him about his sponsor issues -- "Good golf takes cares of itself."

Moore played some fantastic golf on Sunday, and is now in the elite PGA Tour winner's circle. Expect many more to come, and each one will be just as cool as the first.

Streeter Lecka, Getty Images

Wow, Those Are Pretty Cute

John Daly rocked a new look at the Wyndham this week. He went with the zebra pants. I once had a pair of these I would wear whenever I felt down in the dumps. It made my eyes really pop.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Now That's an Interesting Golf Swing

I am going to watch myself with this, because I'm not totally sure what is going on, but this golf swing is via Geoff Shackelford. Ummm ....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Something for the Ladies ...

I don't follow Camilo Villegas on Twitter, because he doesn't come off as a very funny guy, and I'd rather not waste my time reading about, well, whatever the hell Camilo Villegas would Tweet about.

But, spotted by Wei Under Par, was a picture of Villegas sans any clothes. He took the picture after a workout, and anyone would have to admit the man is in pretty damn impressive shape. That isn't really why I posted this. Why I did was because it made my morning reading the comments from some of his lady friends.

can you say 6 it Spiderman. Try not to give an old lady a heart attack though. One can dream I suppose

ooooh my! camilo are you trying to give us a heart attack!!

Perdón... Cara? Ahhhh si... Miercoles, camilo, que disciplina... Por no decir otra cosa. Me reservo mis otros comentarios por respeto a mi novio. Notese el énfasis en disciplina... Jajaja

I'm not sure what the last one means, but I'm sure it was something like, "Dude, what is that strap below your boobs?"

Anyway, lady fans, enjoy the picture. I hope that this made your day, or gave you a heart attack or ahhhh si ... mercoles.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Things I Love -- Being Green, and Gary Players' Balls

Viral golf videos are hard to come by (unless Tiger Woods is tackling some poor sap trying to steal his golf bag), but this outtake video, starring Gary Player, could catch on fairly fast.

See, UgMO, a soil monitoring and intelligence system that's mission is to protect the world’s water supply by reducing water usage made a video with Gary Player, and had the following outtakes as part of their campaign.

I knew Gary Player was a lot of things, but funny wasn't one of them. Not only does he open up about his balls (playing off the golf ball, obviously), but he even admits if he had to pick between his dog and his wife, he'd really miss her.

Watch on, and swing by UgMO to check out how they're trying to make our world a better place.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I wanted to pass along possibly the best golf article I've read in a long time, courtesy of Joe Posnanski. At times I like to think of myself as a good writer (sometimes even REALLY good), but this article trumps anything I could come up with. Read it, enjoy it, and relive Sunday. [Joe Posnanski]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

When A Picture Says a Thousand Words

This about does it for the PGA Championship, doesn't it?


(And one more, for a little more effect)

ROBYN BECK, AFP/Getty Images

Y.E. Yang Takes Down Tiger Woods at PGA Championship

If you didn't know Y.E. Yang before this week, you'll sure know him now. He'll be the guy that is always talked about when we discuss Woods and failure.

As you probably know from my writing, I love me some Tiger, but he played poorly this weekend and couldn't buy a putt on Sunday. That isn't to take anything away from Yang, who hit the shot of the year on 18, a 3-iron to 10 feet, which his calmly rolled in for birdie and the victory.

I wrote my full recap here, so if you're bored, swing by and check it out.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Think Tiger Liked This Shot?

I can't really figure it out, but for some reason, I think he didn't love it. Maybe I could come up with some more conclusive evidence on why I think that.

Humm ...

Sam Greenwood, Getty Images

Can Tiger Hang On?


/Takes breath


Can Tiger Hang On?

Oh what a riot! Whew, I kill myself.

(Also, I'll be Tweeting all day, so if you get a chance, swing by)


Friday, August 14, 2009

So, I Kinda Like the John Daly Song

If you didn't get a chance to catch John Daly's cry for help via Twitter, it went along with this song you'll be able to play below.

Hey, Daly might be kinda crazy and all, but I kinda like this jam. Maybe I'm just a "Lost Soul" as well. Lost Souls 4 LIFE!

Can We Cry Wolf For John Daly Once More?

I wanted to toss this out to the loyal readers. What is your take on John Daly's recent WD at the PGA Championship? It was the tournament that made him, back in 1991, and now he is pulling out because of back issues.

Can we continue to believe Daly when he blames stuff on things? Is it just too much for him to handle?

Let me hear your thoughts on John. Hopefully we can get a decent discussion going.

Stuart Franklin, Getty Images

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tiger Woods Will Win (Most Likely)

A thing that is scary to the field at the PGA Championship -- Tiger Woods is leading after a first round 67 that didn't include a bogey, and he putted like shit. Seriously.

Woods had plenty of looks for birdie on a round he even admitted could have been "very low," yet he is atop the leaderboard because he finally has his swing clicking like it's 2008. Tiger has opened two major championships with a bogey free round, the 2000 U.S Open and British Open. He won both of those, and he will probably win this one.

When the week started, Tiger was probably a 70 percent favorite to take the final major of the year. Now? It has to be closer to 95 percent, because when Woods gets the lead, he is absolutely cruel in his execution. Fairways, greens and he birdies the par-5s. If Tiger wants to make his way around Hazeltine in 70 strokes, I think he'll be able to do it, and 11-under will probably be good enough to win.

When Tiger misses two fairways, you better watch out, and that's what he did on Thursday. Scary times for the field, people. Take cover.

Jamie Squire, Getty Images

Paul Casey's Ribs Suck

If you haven't heard, there are only 98 of the top 100 golfers in the world playing the PGA Championship this week because Paul Casey has ribs like that of a young Calista Flockhart.

Casey withdrew from the WGC-Bridgestone last week after he was seen rubbing his ribs, and now has yanked himself from the PGA Championship because of those same ribs. I didn't really think he had a chance this week, but there are plenty of people that probably picked him to win this thing that aren't so happy.

I say if you picked him, you get a $25 gift certificate to Chilis. Come on Paul, feed the people!

PGA Championship Live Stream

If you are like me, you woke up at 6 AM this morning to start searching for live streams of the first round, and Tiger Woods (oh, you didn't?).

Well, you're in luck, because the PGA Championship is being streamed by the, right here. Click it, watch Tiger, Padraig Harrington and Rich Beem, and enjoy.

Also, when television coverage kicks off today, I'll be running a live blog at FanHouse. Get your creative hats ready.

Scott Halleran, Getty Images

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bloggers Pick PGA Champion

The golf blogging community is a fairly tight-knit group. We have some great websites all around the web that produce original content that makes you laugh, smile and even think (wait, bloggers making us think?!?!!!).

I asked some of the best on the net who they thought might win this week, in a segment we will begin for each of the big tournaments. Here is what we thought of the Players. Here is who we liked at Bethpage Black and at Turnberry. Now comes Hazeltine.

Neil at Armchair Golf Blog
-- Put me down for Tiger Woods.

Ryan at Waggle Room
-- It's a prereq this year that a contender must be over the age of 45, then fall flat on their face. So, I'm going with who Billy Kratzert suggested to me on the phone today: Tom Lehman. Minnesota native, had a good finish at the Transitions Championship, and could still get it done. Why not, right?

Vince at One-Eyed Golf Blog -- Luke Donald has given no one any indication lately he can break 80, so he is a natural pick for a "no pickin' knucklehead" like me...

Cash at Bushwood Country Club
-- Kenny Perry

Michael at Aussie Golf Blog -- Ah, Stewart or Angel, Stewart or Angel. I'll go with Stewart Cink. His form has continued since Turnberry.

Stephanie at Wei Under Par -- I'm going with Angel Cabrera. He just shows up for majors with his "I don't give two shits attitude but I'm going to play well." He finished well last week, too (T4). He plays a high fade and bombs it off the tee (I've heard Hazeltine is long only a few times). Come on, Angel -- please make me look smart.

Patricia at The Golf Girl's Diary
-- You know the drill Mr. Bacon, put me down for the BPNWM ... again (Sergio).

Me, at FanHouse and Dogs Chasing Cars -- I never do this, and you all know it, but I'm picking Tiger Woods. I hate to do it, but the guy is the hottest athlete in the world right now and can't go majorless for the first time since '04.

Who do you like?

PGA Championship Live Chat at 1 PM ET

Hey all. Myself and Ryan Wilson are hosting a PGA Championship preview live chat at 1 PM ET over at FanHouse, so if you're bored, swing by. It should be a good way to get the PGA Championship chatter a-flowin'.

When Twitter Goes Wild?

Ian Poulter is one of my favorites on tour. He's a nice guy who seems to have some fun outside the golf world.

Poulter has been known to do some crazy things with his Twitter page, but this might be his zaniest yet. Flying to the States for the PGA Championship, Poulter posted a photo of Camilo Villegas and Justin Rose giving the camera the finger (I'm surprised Camilo's middle finger isn't flexing).

While I find it pretty amusing (Remember, I'm 6), I'm sure some uproar will come of this because it "isn't setting a good example." Who knows, maybe next time they'll Randy Moss the camera.

Via Waggle Room, via Geoff Shackelford

Scotty Cameron Brings the Goods

He's the Tiger Woods of putting creations, and the guy that still has his name on the tool Mr. Woods uses.

Now, Scotty Cameron is coming out with a new series of putters called California Series Putters. I think they look sharp. Thoughts?

Friday, August 7, 2009

TaylorMade Adds a Five-Piece Ball to the Rotation

You know all that talk about dumbing down the golf ball so that big hitters can't dominate golf course anymore and the integrity of the game can be saved? Yeah, TaylorMade doesn't want to hear your whining.

Next week, TaylorMade staffers Sergio Garcia and Retief Goosen will be using the new five-piece Penta golf ball, the first five-piece golf ball ever used in competition (don't worry, it's already USGA approved).

The goal for the Penta was to optimize its performance in five key areas: with the driver, long-irons, middle irons, short irons and partial wedge shots. (Get it? "Penta," five.)

The cover of the Penta TP is made of a soft urethane material to promote a high-spin rate, but lower trajectory on wedge shots and pitches for more control. The outer mantle layer, which can be found directly under the white cover, is the most-easily compressed. Of the three mantle layers in the Penta TP, it's the fastest, and TaylorMade says it is designed to create optimal spin and flight conditions when ball speeds are below 120 mph (short irons for tour pros).

Say what you want about the ProV1 (and I will, since I love them), but these other ball companies are quickly becoming players in the ball business.

I can't wait to get my hands on a sleeve of these bad boys. I will say this ... the five-piecer sure doesn't leave much room for anything else to enhance. Maybe the ability to grip beers in the cart better?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adam Scott's On Fireeeeee did an interview with Adam Scott earlier this week, asking him all sorts of questions about his game and his expectations and his struggles this season.

It turns out must give out some really great MO, because Scott had a fantastic day today.

/checks scorecard

Oh. Yesh. Nope, nevermind, scratch that. Scott shot a 8-over 78, that included more bogeys (9) than pars (8). What has happened to the Burberry'd Australian?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That's a LOT Of Waffles

By now you've all heard about Phil Mickelson's goal to be the Magic Johnson of Waffle Houses. He wants to own a string of them in the Southwest, confirming this fact at his Wednesday news conference at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

According to my buddy Larry who is a chef at a West Texas IHOP reports, Mickelson put a bid in for, get ready for it, $20.2 million for the 105-restaurant group.

GS Acquisitions (Mickelson's group) became interested in buying the SouthEast Waffles franchise because all three men enjoy eating at Waffle House, though none of them has any restaurant experience, [GS executive Terry] Pefanis said. Pefanis said the men saw a good business opportunity based on the restaurant chain's location in the Southeast region and recent profits.

I'll hold off on the "I can't believe Mickelson is a fan of Waffle House" jokes, but I will say that I think anyone that buys a Waffle House (or eats at one, for that matter) is a friend of mine. When I was 12, I used to go and get the All You Can Eat Kids Buffet for like $2.99, and I'd get a waffle, eggs, hashbrowns (diced), bacon and sausage, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person still fairly skinny that had the diet regularly. Hell, I'm surprised I'm still alive looking back at that.

Also, I once had a lady serve a waffle with a fly in the syrup, and when I brought it up with her she bellowed, "You'll have to pay extra for the meat."

I've had many goals in my life, but I just thought of one as I typed this story out -- I want to own a Waffle House before I die. Come on, who's with me?!?!



Is this thing on?

(Also, mini-contest for readers. If anyone can make me a t-shirt with the above billboard on the front of it (my surname would be proud), I'll send out two sleeves of Pro-V1s.)

In Case You Forgot

Starting Thursday, you will be seeing the Phil Mickelson swing live and in color. But, as of today, we haven't seen the thing in nearly seven weeks. Here is his golf swing at the 2008 Colonial, in case you had missed Lefty's delight. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The TaylorMade Spider Review

I will preface this golf club review with the following statement -- when it comes to golf clubs, I'm a traditionalist. I love blades, pear-shaped drivers and Ping Anser-style putters. It isn't any knock to the new technology, I would just rather look down at a round driver than something that resembles a holiday card.

With that said, I will review a putter I'm enjoying at the moment -- the TaylorMade Spider putter. Paul Goydos uses it, so I trusted that anyone as witty as Goydos would be using something I could sink my teeth into.

I received the Spider in the mail, and was excited for a number of reasons. First, I had spent countless hours at the PGA Tour Superstore in North Scottsdale fiddling around with the Spider. For some reason, it just seemed to stroke the ball the same on every putt. (I also am not a sucker, and realize that those putting greens at golf shops may as well be the final hole at a putt-putt place, with a sinkhole to snag your ball so people don't run away with the stolen dimples.)

Another reason I was excited falls mainly with my own game -- if any part of it has been a struggle lately, it's the putting. I have used the same Scotty Cameron for nearly seven years, and lately haven't been able to get the ball in the hole as consistently as I've wanted. Like Lee Trevino famously said, "It ain't the arrows, it's the Indian," but I'm a believer in switching it up to change your feel (and add the excitement that comes with new equipment).

The first full committed round with the Spider came on Monday. It was a sunny day in Phoenix (read: hot as hell), and my buddy and I drove down to Superstition Springs to try our hands at the little gem in East Mesa. Teeing off at 11:22 AM, we had nobody around us but the lizards frying on the rocks.

The Spider is a unique putter in more ways than how it looks. Sure, it is boxy and not the most aesthetically pleasing club in the game, but the weights in the back of the putter keep it aligned properly, something lost with my smaller blade.

I feel that with longer putts, I can get the ball on line quicker. It is more of a "line it up and smash it" type of style on the greens, something my cautious personality could probably use. How did the Spider perform? I finished the day with zero three-putts, 27 total putts and my first bogey-free round in as long as I can remember.

The thing I noticed the most with the Spider was how it performed on the 6-8 foot par saves. I didn't feel that I could miss them, and the strokes felt more solid and never got offline. If I could putt like I did on Monday consistently, the game would be a helluva lot more fun.

Will I keep the TaylorMade Spider in my bag? Absolutely. You don't break up with a girlfriend when it's all kisses and hugs. For now, the Spider is my putter, and I'm happy with it. I'd say that if you're putter is your problem, swing out to the nearest golf shop and try one out. You might just be pleasantly surprised. Me and Mr. Goydos sure are.

When Did We All Become 4-Years-Old?

Dashiell over at Deadspin has a pretty good wrap today on the Tiger Woods farting escapade that has wafted itself throughout our national news organizations.

As you have seen (and heard) by now, Tiger Woods or Steve Williams or, hell, I don't know, Carrot Top, let some gas go on Sunday at the Buick Open and everyone in the world (besides myself, I might add) put the video up, because, we are all apparently in elementary school this week. I mean, farting isn't really my form of humor, but I understand some people find it hilarious. (I also know people that wear corduroy pants, but that doesn't mean I'm rocking them around Phoenix in August.)

Anyway, the Deadspin wrap is pretty good. At Dashiell points out, there isn't a single person not reporting this story.

Blame the blogs, of course. (Including us.) But how were we to know that CBS would actually send takedown notices to YouTube, claiming copyright violations against the people who uploaded five second clips of a fart sound? Or that CBS would claim to have investigated the matter and ruled out Eldrick as the culprit? It's a breathtaking display in how to turn a stupid video you wish would go away into a viral smash hit. Not silent equals very deadly.

Everyone is talking now. USA Today. The New York Post. The Chicago Sun-Times. The Detroit Free Press has two stories about it! (Yet, somehow it didn't end up on SportsCenter's "Blog Buzz" today. Go figure.) Who says sports journalism is dying?

In a world when clicks make the difference, stories like "Tiger Woods Farts" is an incredible SEO win for websites looking to pull in a few thousand more unique visitors.

My question is this -- how many more news outlets talked about the fart over the win? That is when things start to get a bit, wait for it, smelly.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dorm Golf Makes Me Miss College

College is a unique place. It is the only situation in life that makes kids call themselves adults yet continually act like 6-year-olds (with booze). It's a fantastic place, like camp (with booze). So, when you're sitting around the dorm and wanting to play some golf, yet can't get to the course, what do you do? Dorm golf!

I really, really enjoyed the down the stairs putt. It made me smile, and then go buy a 30-pack of Keystone for $10.99.

h/t Busbee