Sunday, August 16, 2009

Y.E. Yang Takes Down Tiger Woods at PGA Championship

If you didn't know Y.E. Yang before this week, you'll sure know him now. He'll be the guy that is always talked about when we discuss Woods and failure.

As you probably know from my writing, I love me some Tiger, but he played poorly this weekend and couldn't buy a putt on Sunday. That isn't to take anything away from Yang, who hit the shot of the year on 18, a 3-iron to 10 feet, which his calmly rolled in for birdie and the victory.

I wrote my full recap here, so if you're bored, swing by and check it out.


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replicajewelry said...

Tiger woods’ magical streak, going 8 for 8 winning majors when he led after 36 holes, had to become an end sometime.
We expected that Woods’ magic would be broken someday; however, we never expect it would be Yang to do this.