Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A John Daly Contest!*

Alright, here is the deal.

You have to figure out which one of these two is John Daly in the above picture. I've left the largest version of this photo possible, courtesy of the amazing Getty Images, so you can blow it up on your computer.

A few things to keep in mind --

-- John has been known to dress a little "different" this season since his deal with Loudmouth Golf.

-- He has slimmed up, so don't be eying the overweight fellow anymore.

-- He may or may not be dressed like a bean bag chair I had in 1996.

Okay, guess away. The winner gets the $1,000,000 I was just told I won in my Gmail account from a person in Taiwan. I'm RICH!


Vince Spence said...

If you put your money with the $2.4m I received from a wealthy doctor in Uganda who is trying to sneak $4.8m into the United States, we will be rich, brother.

I sent them $15,000 'earnest' money last week and I am depositing the $2.4m Friday. Man, did I pull one over on them, or what?

Sorry, Shane, I am all JD'd out. I even wrote a song about that deadbeat. I called it "Mr. 51" in honor his nine-hole score a few weeks ago.

David said...

OMG, someone has teach JOhn how to dress. HE would be better off dressing like Larry the Cable Guy.