Thursday, September 17, 2009

LCD-Loaded Golf Bags Need to Make Sure to Shush When Golfers are Hitting

Back in 2004, you might remember Briny Baird (and Michelle McGann) started placing digital photos of missing children on their golf bags, as part of a partnership with something called Canon4Kids. It was an innovative idea, and changed the golf bag from marketing billboard to interactive tool.

Now, we're going a step further. Michael Allen, 2009 Senior PGA Champion, has installed a LCD-screen in his golf bag, similar to what you'd see on the bus you take from the airport to the parking lot. Yeah, that's the analogy this company probably was hoping for.

Pro Bag Ads is a company installing sun-resistant HD LCD displays into the bags of pro golfers. These LCDs then play advertisements for companies like "19th Hole Wines" during tournaments—we assume without sound—while the caddies enjoy the extra heft of a TV and batters on a midsummer day.

I've had some pretty miserable caddie stories from my time at St. Andrews (including a lady that didn't have a strap, expecting me to forearm the f-ing bag all round), but this would probably take the cake? A television in your bag? Allen's caddied has probably enjoyed a couple more cocktails after each round.

I don't hate the idea, but like Gizmodo points out, it doesn't help when the stitching and lettering around the bag looks brighter and easier to read than the LCD-screen. I'm sure it'll eventually get tweaked, but if I know the crowds at a Champions Tour event, they don't exactly have Superman-like vision. "Honey ... what does it say?"