Friday, September 11, 2009

Steve Blass, I Hate You Too!

Make your damn hole-in-ones. That's fine. I don't care. Balls leave irons all year long, fly in the air a few seconds, land on soft greens and find the bottom of the cup. That is what a hole-in-one involves.

I understand other people are going to make them, and I'm fine with it, I just don't want to hear about it. What I'm not fine with? Some former Pirates pitcher making two aces in the same round! That feat belongs to Steve Blass, who was supposedly solid back in his prime until he went on a Ian Baker-Finch-like slide from greatness.

On Thursday, Blass, who I now have pinned directly in the center of my dart board, made two aces in the same round, from 154-yards and 175-yards. Yep, his scorecard had two ones on it. According to the report, Blass had to spend $400 on drinks in the bar, which is a small price to pay for making this incredible blog.

I'll add a funny hole-in-one story from a couple of weeks ago. Playing the small course near my place in Scottsdale, my buddy and I came upon a group that was playing pretty slow. We were a twosome, and the group in front was four, but didn't seem to know the proper etiquette for letting groups play through.

On the par-3 5th hole, I heard a whistle and looked on the green to see the guys waving us up. It took me a second to get my club, get together and get ready to hit. At this point, the four guys had surrounded the pin, looking to be playing the hole out for some reason. After a brief convo with my buddy, we decide they're still letting us through, so I hit my 52-degree Vokey wedge in the screws, and watch it fly purposefully at the stick. Problem was, they weren't looking. Not one of them.

The ball lands about four inches short of the hole, takes a small bounce and spins to their dismay. The guys looked the same way East Coast people look after eating greasy Mexican food -- not so hot. I went up and apologized, and they said that without any spin, she would have happily rolled dead center for my first ace.

And so, with that story goes this -- Steve Blass, share the wealth!


Sparkie said...

Cant understand this obsession with aces .... yes I have had one :-)

Biggest ace searching twat has to be the guy mentioned on pacduneslooper's blog :

Vince Spence said...

Don't have one either at age 60, but I feel better about it when I remember our past pro, Bill Bassler, Sr., (RIP) was the professional at our club for almost sixty years and never had one. The new pro, his son, has had a bunch, and I think I'll get mine eventually.

I can read it now: Vince Spence, 93, had a hole-in-day yesterday from the pink tees on hole #5. It was playing to 87 yards and Spence hit a full driver. When asked, Spence stated it was a 'knock down' driver.

Shane B. said...

Ben Hogan never had an ace. We're homeboys :-)

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