Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tiger Woods Is Phil Mickelson

All this talk about Tiger Woods not being as dominant as he once was must have finally caught up to El Tigre, because, dammit, he went all Phil Mickelson on us in the final round of the Barclays.

As you can't peel from your eyebrows, the picture above was Phil Mickelson after he missed an important putt, with an unfortunate soul standing behind him making the photo. This one of Tiger was just missing Steve Williams, standing behind him at oh such a perfect angle, and life would be complete.

Here is to hoping Fred Couples pairs these two for the Presidents Cup and we get some butt-bumps courtesy of the Solheim Cup team with Tiger and Philly.


Vince Spence said...

I would love one year for Phil to have HIS break-out year, like Tiger's 2000 and Vijay's 2004. 7-8 wins, two majors, Vardon, POY and $12m. Of the three, he may have the most God given talent and golfing ability.

We can't have the Jack versus Arnie and Gary Player type rivalries unless we have an Arnie and a Gary...

LifeandGolf said...

I don't think there ever was a rivalry. Tiger has not had a rival..and probably never will. The media wants a "Rivalry" and some golfers want a "Rivalry"..but I have enjoyed Tiger's dominance. And it has been fun watching him take over a tournament. I think those days are waning, however.

Now I enjoy watching who might beat Tiger on any given week..last week Heath Slocum..this week?

Why do we worry so much about a rivalry..just enjoy the golf played every week..and don't buy into the media hype about a rivalry!!