Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tiger Woods, One Day Away From Becoming Even Richer

It doesn't take someone with Robert Langdon's mind to figure out that Tiger Woods is a rich fella. He wins a ton of million dollar golf tournaments and companies pay him even more than that to pose with other athletes ("Look, the Mach 3 blades are smoooooth!") to help sell product.

If Tiger can avoid a very un-Tiger like blowup tomorrow at East Lake, and hold on to a share of second place or even win the tournament over Kenny Perry, he will add another $10 million to his pregnant bank account.

Oh the life of Mr. Woods.

If he holds on, this will be two-for-two when Woods actually plays in the playoffs, and it seems that with the way he avoids high finishes, he might claim ten of these before he finishes his career (or more, but I'm being generous).

The interesting part of this week at the Tour Championship has been how representative it's been to Tiger's year. He hasn't had his best stuff at all, much like most of 2009, but he still might win the damn thing, something that basically says what you should know about Tiger and golf.

He has never had to come to the course with his best, just something that resembled it and the trophy was still a plausible feat. Now, Tiger needs a good round on Sunday and a hopeful stumble by Perry, who was leading the Masters earlier this year until he placed both hands around his neck (or too tightly on his wedges) on the last two holes, eventually losing in a playoff to Angel Cabrera.

The good news -- Perry has a decent lead. The bad news -- Tiger doesn't want his year to end with people asking questions.

He is already the Player of the Year, and will most likely add FedEx Cup champion to his '09 resume. Just think, at this time last year, we were just hoping the guy would be walking properly.

Also, Vijay Singh was in his position. Strange what a year can do to some people.

Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images