Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why It's Tough to Take the Presidents Cup Serious

This afternoon, Greg Norman and Fred Couples took the stage to announce their 2009 Presidents Cup teams. Couples went with some basic picks that weren't too surprising ... he took Lucas Glover and Hunter Mahan, leaving Brian Gay, among others, on the bench.

Greg Norman, an Australian native, was, well, not so normal with his picks. His first choice was Ryo Ishikawa, which is obviously a little more flair and a little less experience. Ishikawa is only 17 (he will be 18 by the time the matches begin), and has a ton of talent, but the pick seems to be a stretch.

Well, until you see who else he snagged. Norman went with fellow countryman Adam Scott with his other choice. Adam. Scott. The guy who missed ten of 18 cuts, didn't qualify for the second tournament on the FedEx Cup playoff run and is currently ranked 184th on tour in all-around ranking. Scott had one top-10 all year, and it came in January, and hasn't finished in the top-33 since that same tournament.

Scott got picked because he's Australian, plain and simple. It's at the hands of the captain to pick up his two players, but he obviously didn't go with the two best for the job.

Rory Sabbatini was ranked higher. So was Jeev M. Singh, Shingo Katayama, and the list just behind Scott is worthy as well. You have K.J. Choi, Stephen Ames, Trevor Immelman and Andres Romero. These are guys that had better years. Guys that deserve to play for an International Team that has become truly international.

If this was the Ryder Cup, the pick wouldn't be done because of location. The Ryder Cup is all about winning. The Presidents Cup is more about appeal. If you don't believe me, look back at the MLB All-Star game tie that both teams decided on in 2003.

It will never be taken serious if the captains can't even take it serious.

Streeter Lecka, Getty Images


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