Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Are You Hitting It? Check the Grooves

You've probably never been to my apartment (except for you ... rarr), so you wouldn't totally grasp how golf-y it is. My roommate and I basically have the entire place cluttered with random golf balls, clubs, a practice putting device built in the 1950s, and we do all sorts of stuff when hanging out (chip balls over couches, putt for a while, etc).

I have a few of my old Titleist Vokey wedges laying around, and was dinking around with them this morning only to nice something pretty explanatory of my game.

See, the left wedge in the group was my last lob wedge, when I wasn't playing as much golf and hardly practicing and taking some time away from being serious with it. As you can see, the grooves are fairly warn down on most of the club face, not nearly as focused in the sweet spot as they should be.

The middle groove was when I was really playing a lot, and most of the damage is directly in the center of the club, the "dime" area as they like to call it.

The third wedge, on the right, is my latest wedge that I'm using, and it's hard to tell, but I've been working on my short game a lot lately and it seems to be paying off.

So, basically, this isn't anything more than to say, if you're struggling with certain irons, check the grooves. If most of the damage is on the toe or the heel, you know what you need to work on. If you are all over the place, it's time for a lesson. If you are in the "dime" area, you're good to go. Little things like this are the best way to realize exactly what you're doing wrong.

Okay, back to making fun of people.


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