Friday, October 9, 2009

It Appears Justin Leonard Is F-ing Awesome

What would you do after missing a three-footer in the Presidents Cup to seal the match for your team? I'd want to drink.

Or fake drink.

After spending an hour on the putting green, he stormed into the team room and slammed the door behind him. He headed straight for the bar and downed five shot glasses, then grabbed a beer and guzzled that.

His teammates and their wives were stunned, and knew to keep their distance. Leonard then walked over to them, still glowering, and said in his typically dry fashion, "It was only water."

The beer was real, which makes it even the more awesome. I like Justin Leonard. He's from Texas. He won a British Open. He made that putt in 1999 that I still own the Sports Illustrated dedicated to.

Good play, boy. You're a dude.

ROBYN BECK, AFP/ Getty Images