Friday, October 16, 2009

Making the Hardest Hole Even Harder

I can tell you this from experience, the Road Hole at St. Andrews (#17 for those not lucky enough to play the amazing track) is a beast. It's a beast more for what it gives you around the green than the distance, but it sure doesn't help that you need to play it in a tight fairway that you can't see.

Well, the tough keeps getting tougher, as St. Andrews plans to add 25 yards to the hole, making it play 490 yards at the British Open next year.

My first question is simply, where in the heck are they planning on putting the new tee. The back tee on 17 is basically up against the out of bands fence and road that goes near the driving range, and buddies up to the 16th green. The only thing I can think is they are planning on hugging the road even more, and pushing it back so it's directly next to the 16th.

The R&A wants to put driver in the hands of golfers again, so they'll get that. It will make it tougher though.

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UglyPar said...

My understanding is that they are going to widen the landing area. I'm all for it. The pros need to remember they're out there playing to entertain us and the tougher the 17th is the better as far as I'm concerned.

We haven't seen many really exciting moments on the 17th for a while now so maybe this is what it needed.