Thursday, October 29, 2009

Natalie Gulbis Would Wear a Short Skirt on Pluto

I checked out this story over at Golf Spelled Backwards about Natalie Gulbis wearing a rather short skirt to an event that turned out to be rather chilly.

Gulbis was with Chris DiMarco (if you're wondering who that is, he was relevant on the golf scene about four years ago) and Zach Johnson for an outing at Pinehurst, that I'm sure had thousands people attend to catch a glimpse of Johnson or DiMarco. I'm kidding of course. If you weren't going to see Gulbis, you basically are either blind or work in some sort of mineshaft that doesn't allow you to be exposed to humans for months at a time, and any interaction is great.

The photo above is at the event in question, but just a little story of when I caddied on the LPGA earlier this year.

At Papago, it was literally sub-50 and windy one day, and I showed up with rain gear to the nines. The entire field was in similar outfits, except for Gulbis, who had a purple skirt on and was putting on the practice green.

Honestly, you couldn't have paid me five figures to rock shorts that day, and she was in a short skirt, just knocking in five-footers.

Hey, can't fault her for knowing what the people want.


Heather said...

I love my golf skirts and wear them every opportunity I can. Maybe it's the former figure skater in me. If my hands and ears are warm my legs don't bug me.

Natalie and I are SO much alike that I'm sure a little cool air doesn't bother her legs either.

Keep rocking it Natalie!

Hack said...

God bless Natalie Gulbis and the United States of America.

Cash said...

Shane has been too long in the wasteland, I am afraid. I prescribe a visit to your local Shoe Show, followed by 3 shots of Don Julio. That should make you stand up and salute Natalie in all of her short skirted goodness.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Shane: I was there (at Pinehurst) for the event and it wasn't shorts weather. From what I heard (I'm not saying it's fact), her sponsor does not outfit her with slacks. Big surprise.

Gene Oberto said...

Gosh! I feel like I had a UFO sighting!

I saw Natalie in cold weather rain gear with long pants at the 2007 Solheim here in Sweden.

Her game was still very inspiring that day...the golf wasn't bad either.

Gene in Stockholm

Patricia Hannigan said...

The thing that amazes me about Natalie is her posture. I don't know anyone who can so consistently stand so straight, with everything so consistently pulled together. And play golf while doing it. Pretty impressive.