Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wait, What Is Going On?

I've attached the following photo to this story for a multitude of reasons, most being the facial expressions of both parties.

See, Greg Norman and Chris Everet (I'll avoid the journalist gush here on combined majors, as assigned by AP Style Guide 11.0) decided to separate 15 months after getting hitched, a pretty surprising conclusion since anytime you'd see these two people they were smiling like Seal every morning when he realizes who he conned into marrying him.

In a statement, the couple said only, ``We will remain friends and supportive of one another's family.'' The statement said they requested privacy for them and their families.

I love when they release these types of statements. I really wish when normal humans broke up, they could release similar things to the public. Like, when me and my ex broke up, it would have been great to read something like, "Jane Doe says, through spokespeople, that although she once cared and loved for Shane Bacon, she hopes that he, quietly, dies and curls up into a vat of smelling worms."

I really hope Drew Carrey is the host of this show when it becomes big. "How Real Humans Break Up."

Wait, where were we? Oh, yeah, I just thought it was strange that Evert and Norman broke up. Hey, at least that's one less person Greg has to tote to the Presidents Cup this week. More wine on Norman Air!

Andrew Redington, Getty Images


Mike said...

Greg Norman was my idol when I started playing - I still enjoy watching him play - but when I heard about the separation I couldn't help but think about what he said just a few weeks ago... that if he'd been married to Chrissy instead of his former wife "back in the day," he probably would have won more tournaments because of her winning mindset.

I think Greg should rethink that statement. How do you define a winning mindset? Doesn't the ability to "stick with" something count for anything? This is Chrissy's third failed marriage. At least Laura can measure their marriage in years.

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