Friday, October 30, 2009

Was It Good For You?

The debate goes back to the 1500s, when golf was being invented and some people would just walk around, randomly having sex with strangers during golf*.

Sex or golf? Golf or sex?

The geniuses at Callaway Golf finally decided to put the two together for an ad. Sounds entertaining, right? Sadly, the ad was premature, failing to pleasure even the friskiest of golf fans.

Evidence is below. You tell me if you laughed or not.

* = possibly not true

Boy band high five to Waggle and Devil

1 comment:

Gene Oberto said...


No laugh, really, I felt kinda sad. Like every sitcom, man portrayed as insensitive moron. In real life - OK, in mine - I would forget about golf for the 5 or ten minutes before I fell asleep.

In other words, Callaway broke your rule #3 from yesterday.

Gene in Stockholm