Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, That Looks Friendly

As you know, Anthony Kim and Robert Allenby played each other on Saturday (today, but it was in Europe, and I'm told the time is different or something ... I don't really get it. Who am I, Hans Wilsdorf?) in something called the Volvo World Match Play Championships.

The photo above is one of their exchanges, taken completely out of context because there are actual pictures of them shaking hands and smiling but this wouldn't be a real, true, mean spirited blog (I said "spirit" ... DRINK!) if I gave you actual facts.

I'm basically like that Apple Rumors website. You think they're going to dog Steve Jobs? Hellllll no.

Anyway, Kim smoked Allenby's ass again, and this time completely and utterly sober. Good job, Robert. Thanks for playing.

Richard Heathcote, Getty Images

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Vince Spence said...

I read where AK made Allenby putt out everything over 6 inches...