Monday, November 30, 2009

And Tiger Continues to Befuddle Everyone

When my sister got married a few years back, and I was just coming off a freshman year at the University of Arizona that allowed me the opportunity to think I knew way more than I really did, my dad approached me before the ceremony. He simply told me, "Shane, this is your sister's day. Let her have it."

It was basically a warning against doing anything that might take away from her glory, and it was well received. I knew when to shut the hell up.

This Tiger Woods situation is the complete opposite. There is zero reason to be quiet. There isn't anything good coming from Tiger pushing mute on his camp, and it has started to become as strange a decision as if Woods came clean to doing juice just because he felt guilty about it. That wouldn't add up, and this doesn't either.

I'm joining the ranks of people that are crying (begging!) for Tiger to just let us in a little on what the hell went on with this. He's our idol. He's our pilot. He's the closest thing to a god sports has ever seen, and yet when something bad happens, silence is his go to.

Trust me, from a writer/blogger standpoint, hearing Tiger answer questions about golf with that "here is my answer, with absolutely no meat and potatoes involved," gets old, but we've come to expect it. It's what Tiger does. This is different. The public cares. I don't really know why we care, but we do. It's the reason reason why I, sadly enough, enjoy reading gossip websites. For some reason, dirt on celebrities is interesting. It's newsworthy. It's the cross the rich, beautiful, famous have to bear.

Of all people, Tiger should understand this. He's Mensa-smart. He understands what is acceptable and what isn't. We don't care if something bad happened, but we do care that everyone is trying to hide it from us.

Like I said on Sunday, we all make mistakes. People close to me have made them. I've made them. Ohhh, have I made them. It doesn't make me a terrible person, and it doesn't make my friends bad either. We are humans. Life is supposed to work that way. What the human culture doesn't like is the refusal to admit fault. "No, I swear to God I didn't do that." Well, yes you did, so come clean and we will be quicker to forgive.

(I'm sure this story will become more and more weird, so I'm sure more posts are to come, but if someone has anything (ANYTHING) non-Tiger related I can post, please send me the link. I'm dying to write something else.)


Lefty said...

I think Tiger is making the right move. It's a minor accident. He's using his Fifth Amendment right. He's under no legal obligation to talk to the police. There is not a lot that the police can do.

Tiger has also lived in the public's eye for 15 years. He knows better than anyone that any statement may be taken out of context.

It's not a weird choice. It's a private choice.

Burdell said...

Nice post Mr. Bacon. Two possible topics on which to write:

1. The dominance of Lorena Ochoa. Have you hung out with her while caddying on the LPGA?
2. What Royal Lakeside CC should do with the barrel of money it has from an oil lease bonus.

scott free said...

dude if you think tw is close to a god you are seriously damaged goods.

leave the guy alone. he owes you nothing. he's not a rock star. he's not a movie star. his career isn't the result of winning a popularity contest or selling an image, in the way it is for media personalities.

it is 1pm pacific time and this is now the most over-worked, over-exposed non-story in sports.

and hell, golf isn't even a sport.

tiger woods owes you nothing in the way of any form of information or explanation regarding what goes on in his private life.

get one of your own.

Timothy said...

"Forgive Tiger". What has he done that warrants the public to "forgive" him? Did he murder someone or something??? He hit a tree and fire hydrant for goodness sake. When did that become an act that needs forgiveness from the public. I personally am glad to see him withhold the details of that night. I personally like to see the media not be able to strong arm someone in giving details. It's his personal life, let it be personal.

Goon said...

The thing that I think is funny is four cops are murdered in D.C. and all the media wants to talk about is Tiger Woods and his traffic accident in his Calder sack. This is sad.

Tiger had an accident in his neighbor hood I am sure we will hear about it in good time.

Dan said...

What Tiger does with his personal life is really none of our damned business. For those who are running like fools to "hear the word" I say respect the guy's privacy and get a life.

I think Goon is spot on. We have a lot more things that should be news worthy than a golfer having a car wreck.



Shane B. said...

I'd agreen with Goon as well, but this is a golf site, not a news site.

I think that any of these stories get overblown (guilty as charged), but it is worth talking about, and I think there is a part of this story that the public deserves to know. Or not. I'm not really sure anymore. This whole thing has basically made me want to drink heavily and I don't even know the guy.