Thursday, November 12, 2009

DTCC Site News!

Alright, I'm not going to clutter all the fantastic golf info for this wonderful Thursday (it's my birthday ... send me presents!), so all the boring site news stuff will be after the jump. Hop along over with me if you really care.

First and foremost, important announcing including both myself and Dogs That Chase Cars. All my golf writing from now on will be here and here alone. My past job and I have split ways, and I'm going to focus most of my attention on this page and making it better. We have a redesign coming, along with some other fun stuff in the near future and I'm hoping it all gets done before the 2010 PGA Tour season kicks off so it'll be all polished and ready drive.

That is the mini-version. The bigger version is the company I was working for had to make some tough decisions and one of them was not to keep around myself, which is understandable in such a struggling economy (And really, who wants to read me when you can get some Jay Mariotti in your life).

Leaving FanHouse was tough, because I feel the past year was a fun way to move the golf page along to compete with some of the other, bigger sites. Sadly, it never worked out the way I had planned, and it eventually was becoming more of a battle than it should have been (probably as much my fault as anyones).

Writing the way you want to write should be your main focus. That's it. Bill Simmons, who really is the crusader of this Internet sports storm, said something in an interview that I will never forget. He was asked about blogs, and where they're headed.

"If you’re good, people are going to find you. You can twist it around every way you can and say ‘What does this mean? Where’s this going? Is this a movement?’ But it comes down to ‘Are you a good writer? Do you have good information? Do your readers trust you? Do you have an interesting spin on things that people haven’t seen? Are you funny?’ That’s the stuff that’s going to get you read. I don’t think that’s changed. That was the same case in 1980 as it is in 2009.," Simmons said. "Instead of constantly wondering ‘What are we? What’s our identity?’ just go out and kick ass."

That'll be my goal from this point forward. Have some fun, try and kick some ass and hope you guys will be along for the ride. Anything you'd like to see changed, different, tweaked, implanted ... just let me know. And thanks for the continued support.


Andrew said...

Looking forward to new and improved DTCC and the the re-dedicated and ever so creative BSB.

Lobster Dance...

Matt said...

I have a confession... I rarely hopped over to Fanhouse to read your stuff. Probably more of a function of Mariotti's existence there than anything - I can't stand the guy.

Your stuff here has always been better - more free writing and free thinking. Its just more fun to read. Keep it up! I look forward to the new site and more posts!

Hack said...

Good...I never went to that site anyway. Easier for me. I win.

Best of luck.

Aaron Bennett said...

Excellent news. Fanhouse blows, and while i'm sure the paychecks were helpful, I bet your readers would rather have all of your content here.

Roody said...

I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but I've quickly become a fan. Looking forward to seeing the changes. As long as the witty content is the same, a pretty site is merely a bonus.