Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a Quick Update ...

First, a mini-Bacon rant. How do hotels, especially sufficient hotels that cost three digits a night, not have quick wireless Internet at this day and age. It is almost 2010. Our phones get Internet. Our iPods get Internet. Actually, Steve Jobs called me and wants to put a Safari browser in my right shoe. If you are a property, that, say, rhymes with Farriott, get it together. You have 800 people in your hotel. We need to use our computers. Don't give me a signal that makes me feel like I'm trying to connect in the middle of the Afghan mountains.

So, yeah, I don't really have much of a signal here in Houston, which is awesome, but Starbucks has coffee and a respectable connection so here I am, reporting while some guy across from me is using one of those Bluetooth thingys that you have to hold up the wire to talk into. Technology!

Thursday is the first day of the LPGA Tour Championship and I'll be carrying for the bag for Erica Blasberg for the second time this season. We've had some good practice rounds and the course seems to suit her game, so hopefully come Sunday, we can walk away with one of those big checks.

A couple of observations ...

-- Players and caddies alike have been super gracious to the Wie camp after the win. I've seen congratulatory handshakes and hugs to everyone, including David Ledbetter, this week. I think everyone knows what a big deal it is for the tour to have Wie finally win the game. (and on the same note, Michelle has been super appreciative of all the love. Say what you want about her, but she, from all accounts, seems to be one of the nicer girls out on tour. Not all the girls out here would have been so friendly after all that has been tossed her way.)

-- Length will matter this week. The course is damn near 6,700 yards, and the course will be windy most of the week. If you can't get it out there off the tee, you could struggle with Mother Nature starts a-blowin'.

-- Is being a professional golfer a good deal? Standing by the putting green on Tuesday, the Yes! putter guy was there with a bag full of putters for players to test out if they wanted. I asked the guy what was protocol with his ability to give them away and he responded, "One player could come up and take every single one and I couldn't say anything about it." So, yes, add that to the 355,329 reasons why being a pro golfer is a great deal.

-- Smart Water on every hole. 355,330 reasons, I guess.

I'll be attempting to post tonight at some point after the round, but you can always follow me on Twitter as updating is way easier (and funnnnnnier!). Also, at some point Thursday, Jay Busbee will post the podcast we recorded on Wednesday night. Check it out
and let me know what you think.

Oh, and follow Erica's round right here. Look, making things easier!


Matthew said...

First time to your site. Great name! Good luck

Brian said...

You are a lucky man to be with Blasberg!