Friday, November 13, 2009

Reunited! Caddie Tales, 2.0

Just a short announcement before I head off to Oxford, Mississippi for the Tennessee-Ole Miss football game this weekend ... next week, at the LPGA Championship in Houston, I'll be caddying once more for LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg.

Earlier this season, I got the opportunity to loop for Blasberg at the J Golf Phoenix LPGA International, and for some asinine reason, she asked me to do it again.

I get into Houston on Monday, and will be there to bug the LPGA all week. If you're around the event, or come out to see it, don't hesitate to swing by and say hello. I'll be the one caddie with the bum shoulder and the confused look, trying to read greens for a girl that can read greens way better than myself.

Also, I'll be posting some stuff around here all next week, and will be chatting it up with the always entertaining Jay Busbee on his podcast. I'm trying to convince Erica to join the podcast and tell Jay just how bad of an idea it was to invite me to caddie again, so if that happens, well, you can all send me two dollars. Thanks for the cash!

Final announcement ... if you want to give a fun prank-y gift to your golf friend that has everything, I just got this Div Pro thing in the mail, and it's pretty awesome. Basically the divot tool to kill all divot tools, and you can shotgun beers with it. I'm taking it to Oxford with me. I'll let you know how things end up (Read: Not good).

Have a great weekend, and now, go Pomplamoose yourself.


Patricia Hannigan said...

That's awesome Shane! Good Luck in TX.

Oh, and that divot tool is sweet. Great gift for @cohiba_golf_guy this Xmas. :o)

Gene Oberto said...

They are a very talented and trippy duo.

Can't get enough of that Pomplamoose Juice!

dee said...

Lucky you... Enjoy and keep us posted!!