Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rory McIlroy Finally Makes Up His Mind

It's always a big decision if you're a foreigner. Stay overseas, where you're comfortable, and get less exposure, or head over the bright lights of the United States for the PGA Tour.

Rory McIlroy, the 20-year-old Northern Ireland freak that makes your hair go wow, has been battling with this like a kid trying to pick between colleges, and it seems has finally decided that the PGA Tour is going to be his home in 2010.

From the AP ...

Rory McIlroy has decided to join the PGA Tour next year with hopes of moving up in the world ranking.

McIlroy, a 20-year-old from Northern Ireland, said Wednesday at the Hong Kong Open that he will be competing against stronger fields in the United States, which should make him a better golfer.

While I still think playing on the European Tour would be more fun (the feel of brotherhood is way more apparent between those guys than most of the robots that play on this tour), you can't call yourself the best if you spend most of your time on that side of the pond.

This is where the game is. This is the "A" Court. Here, you get Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia (yep, just did that) and Y.E. Yang. It isn't happening week in and week out anywhere else.

McIlroy is going to have to learn how to beat some of these guys down the stretch, because it seems to be something that takes learning. Hell, Mickelson is just now learning how to take down Tiger, and has been competing against the guy on tour for 12 years.

I'm excited to see Rory knock it around for a full year on tour. He's the kind of superstar Europe needs right now, with most of their potentials flaming out. Just think ... in the next ten years, we will get to watch Tiger and Phil, plus Rory, Anthony, Ryo, and Rickie. Golf hasn't had this type of firepower since the Arnie, Jack and Gary days.


UglyPar said...

I think he might regret this in the long term. As you point out, the European Tour is known for the camaraderie amongst players and at his age I would think this is important. He won't play the same variety of courses or experience the variety of conditions so whether it will make him a better golfer is up for debate. He can certainly play against higher ranked players, but this is different to becoming a better golfer.

A few more wins in Europe would have been good to get under his belt. I wish him the best, and as a Brit/American living in the US I do look forward to seeing more European representation on this side of the pond.

Mike said...

I'll admit I'm kinda surprised. Even if he stayed on the European Tour, he'd be qualified for the Majors and the WGCs, and he's a shoe-in for most of the invitationals. Those are the tourneys where the big boys are going to play, anyway.

Maybe he's just developed a taste for American food.