Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Guy Did Steroids

Seriously. That guy. Doug Barron. He juiced and became the first PGA Tour "star" to be suspended for a year.

I'm not sure what to believe anymore. First Kevin Brown juicing, and now this guy? I'm pretty sure if when you take steroids, there is one thing they tell you not to take with it, thus offsetting the effect, he did it.

This guy looks like a steroid offender like Patton Oswalt looks like an actor, and I actually like Patton Oswalt.

(Also, I have absolutely no idea why he has his shirt off in this picture. I'm assuming he was going for a shot in the water or in mud, but it's pretty incredible that one of the five guys ever to strip when hitting a mud ball was one to be suspended for trying to increase muscle mass. Thanks for mishitting this tee shot years ago, Doug.)


Roody said...

Looks like his pants did steroids too. ;-p

JanuskieZ said...

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Gene Oberto said...

According to Golf.se, there may be more to the story than a attempt to stay on the tour. Anxiety attacks and suggestions of other than physical problems. Now, even long time friends are having difficulty making contact with Barron.

We get so numb to athletes using shortcuts, that we sometimes overlook circumstances.

This might be a case of a little quick to judge, perhaps.

peptides said...

Omg, hahahah This is very funny.