Monday, December 28, 2009

Golf Season Starts ... Next Week?

Amidst all this Tiger Woods calamity, it was easy for even us golf freaks to forget that starting next week, the PGA Tour season will be back in full swing (See what I did there?), as the SBS Championship kicks off in Hawaii on January 7.

Although Woods will not be in the field, that doesn't stop most golfers to start their 2010 season while broadcasters wear ridiculous flowered shirts that make them look like grandpas on their second honeymoons (Ed Note: Just a word of advice ... ditch the flower shirt fashion when you go to the island. It really does make you look like a tourist. As the great "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" reminded us, even when you're wearing that shirt you probably wish you weren't.)

So, what are some of the big storylines this season? Starting today, we will be rolling out a list of what to watch for in the early portion of '10, and who might take advantage of the missing Tiger. Check in daily, and comment on what you think might be a good topic to discuss.

Golf begins next week ... woohoo x 10.

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Burdell said...

How about some coverage of the rookies on Tour? Maybe a rundown of the 411 on each Q-School and Nationwide graduate.