Monday, December 14, 2009


You know those guys that bag a lot of chicks? They'll bang anything that walks, and meet up with their buddies the following morning and chat about the night before? Yeah, those guys. Imagine one of those guys talking shit about Tiger Woods. Wouldn't that be hysterical?

Oh, would you lookie there, Hugh Hefner said he doesn't approve of Tiger's behavior. Kettle, you are as black as night.

"But I don't approve of (his behavior). I just was not surprised by it," Hefner said. "The reason that I wasn't surprised is that he’s traveling the world. He's a handsome, young guy and beautiful ladies are throwing themselves at him. You never know the circumstances of a personal relationship or a marriage and how well it worked and I think that the immorality of infidelity is the lie. It isn't really the sex. It's the cheating."

You know the best way Elin could get back at Tiger? Pose for Playboy. Yep, I've decided it. She should do a 12-page spread for Hefner, possibly with Phil Mickelson as the photographer. I think that would make Tiger jealous, and possibly save the magazine industry all in one fell swoop.

What does that have anything to do with what Hefner said? It doesn't really, but anytime I can suggest Elin getting naked in a magazine, I have to do it. It's part of my contractual agreement.


courtgolf said...

Always wondered about that "bang anything that walks" line. It seems to skip over the idea that there has to either be a willing partner, or it's rape. It also gives the impression that there are no likes or dislikes in who a person picks. (yes - person - women do it, too)

Saying that Hugh Hefner would "bang anyting that walks" tells me that whoever said it about Hefner has never seen a copy of Playboy.

"Hef" doesn't have to beg - women, STUNNING women, over the years have lined up to hop in bed with him.

Same goes for people like Tiger Woods. Lots of money - lots of clout.

How about Slick Willy Clinton ? Why didn't Hefner speak out against what he did ? It wasn't just cheating on his wife, he defiled the Oval Office...not to mention a few very good cigars. (lol)

Enough of the hypocrisy. It may be cute to put out stories about Hefner disapproving of what Tiger did, but you also have to also admit that Hefner and Playboy have also played a sizable part in the sexual behavior of men and women in this country.

Patricia Hannigan said...

Let's face it people... and I'm talking to all people, OK?.. When it comes to sex, men and women are simply wired differently.

I don't know if it's primal/genetic or socially/culturally imposed but it's a fact, and until it's accepted we'll continue to have these discussions. And Mr. Hefner will probably outlive all of us ;o)