Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!

For some reason, like when I was a kid and could never forget Nolan Ryan's birthday (January 31st), when December 30th rolls around, I remember it's Tiger Woods day of birth (and Lebron's!).

The top golfer in the world is 34 today, and no that is not the updated number of girls the man has slept with, it is his years on this Earth.

I'm assuming his 34th birthday might be the least exciting he can remember, and for good reason, but it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall while Tiger checks his cell phone all day today, reading birthday greetings from whomever will send them along.

Do the ladies text him a happy birthday message? Will Elin call over and say something? Is this going to be a lonely ass day for Mr. Woods?

We will never know, but it is rather interesting to think about.


Roody said...

Even the spammers are trying to use Tiger for their gain now. I had a spam subject line this morning that read "Score Like Tiger Woods with Free Trial".

I don't know if that means you've hit rock bottom or not when the spammers start using your name for their gain.

Shane B. said...

So, was that a spam e-mail explaining how to make a billion bucks and shoot 66 every round of golf? Because I'd buy that shit in a second.

Roody said...

Yeah, it said something about scoring with the ladies. But I don't think they'll allow me to compete on the LPGA tour so I trashed it.

mischel said...

Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gatorade, Tag Heuer and AT&T. Next stop Nike? Online sports bloggers on are still

supporting Tiger. Some say his new motto should be 'Just do me'. The only thing that can save him now is

a tearful appearance on Oprah.