Saturday, December 26, 2009

Helen Alfredsson Brings the Fury on Tiger Woods, Admits She Knew He Cheated

I guess we have all learned an important lesson through this Tiger Woods atomic bomb of cheating, and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about ... don't mess with the Swedes.

Helen Alfredsson, a Swedish LPGA golfer who has won seven times on tour, stepped forward on Tiger's cheating ways, admitting that she knew he was cheating on Elin and that it was common knowledge around tour.

"I heard it last summer during the British Open," Alfredsson told Sweden's TV4 station.

That Woods managed to keep his womanizing under wraps for so long clearly galled Alfredsson, who is Swedish, like Nordegren.

"In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish," she said.

Alfredsson, 44, called Woods "cold" and said there is "something odd about him."

"If he just paid for the escorts, I (would) understand it a bit more," she said. "Then no one needed to know. But now he did everything and a girlfriend and everything."

Helen, 44, is the first professional golfer to come forward about Tiger's cheating ways, and she hath done so in a fury. No men have said much on the subject, but I'm pretty sure that lies with two things -- the man code, and the fact that a lot of them are probably cheating in their own regard, and don't want Tiger to give them the reach-around if they rat first.

Nonetheless, it appears at this point, the only people that didn't know Tiger was messing around was us.


John said...

""In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish," she said."

I guess it sounds better in Swedish.

Roody said...

When I first started reading the article I thought you were going to report that Tiger was boinking Alfredsson too.

Shane B. said...

Roody has basically summed up the Tiger Woods era as we now know it.

cannuck said...

Jasper P was the first pro to condemn
Tiger - I think

Shane B. said...

Well, he said that he would have never introduced the two if he had knew this was Tiger's character, but I don' really count that as revealing info, especially since it was from Jesper, who was probably getting a lot of pressure from his wife to say something.

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