Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Quick the Dirt Came

Do me a favor. Think back to last Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving, you probably were either finishing up with work for the week or enjoying a leisurely day with your family. You may have been traveling. I was actually on the golf course, attacking Continental Links with two of my best buddies, having a couple of beers and trying to win my bet.

Last Wednesday, Tiger Woods was still good. Sure, a little dirt had arose about some random affair with a lady (Rachel Uchitel, which turned out to be false, reported first by Waggle Room, even though nobody is giving him any credit, which is an entirely different rant all to itself), but he was still Tiger Woods, and his tournament was next week, and we were all excited. Just think, the Skins Game, which used to be one of the big Thanksgiving traditions, had been canceled, and nobody cared because Tiger was up in a few days.

Thanksgiving night (or Friday morning, however you interpret it), the Woods world crumbled. Sure, that might seem a little dramatic, but it's true. As we know it, Tiger's world will never be the same.

Don't believe me? Type "Ben Roethlisberger" in your Google search bar. Look at what pops up. Now, type "David Letterman" in Google. Look at what is coming up as popular searches.

In our world, you are innocent until proven guilty unless you're a celebrity. In that case, you're guilty the moment pen hits paper, and to get past that is nearly impossible.

I don't know anything about Tiger as a person. Never have claimed to, even if I wanted to. He always seemed like the coolest guy in the room, even if it was in a dorky way (hell, he did go to Stanford). He always seemed like the guy you'd want to have a beer with or toss some dice around.

Now, not even a week after it all went down, we are getting girls lining up like this is Bill Clinton 2.0. Names like Jaimee Grubbs are popping up, with gossip websites saying they have a blogroll of ladies that have teed it up with Mr. Woods.

No matter the truth behind this whole thing (the likes of which we will probably never know), it is fair to say that Tiger Woods the Man will will forever be tainted.

The funny thing is, people are blaming the only thing they've ever known to blame in these situations. Blogs and racy websites. Lets get this straight, folks. The national news was the first on this story. We're all in this together. Well, everyone except Tiger, sadly enough.

One fire hydrant. One tree. One Escalade. One golf club. One big, big, big, big cluster.

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Superficial said...

Well, if you can't trust a bunch of 23-25 year old Las Vegas party girls looking to get a reality show payday, who can you trust?

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