Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is Ben Crane Being Serious Right Now?

UPDATE: According to ESPN's Jason Sobel, Crane never said any of this. So, yeah, way to go Life & Style. I knew you were a bag of suck to begin with, but completely making it up out of thin air? Nice.

SECOND UPDATE: Busbee is confirming that Crane didn't really say this. Consider this post striked.

If there is one thing everyone on the PGA Tour should know, it is not to piss off Tiger Woods. Basically, Woods has so much control over the tour at this point I'm fairly certain Tim Finchem would break shins of other players to keep the man happy.

This knowledge didn't stop Ben Crane from being one of the first non-nanny associates to call out Tiger for his poon-crazed lifestyle. Crane spoke to Life & Style Magazine (Ed Note: Nice choice of magazine, fruity) about Woods, basically calling him names and pointing fingers.

Crane, a PGA player, has even harsher words. "This is no surprise to anyone who knows Tiger," Crane tells Life & Style. "He's a phony and a fake and he can't retain that squeaky-clean endorsement deal any longer."

Crane also believes Elin may have known about Tiger's other women. "She's no fool," Crane says, adding that perhaps Elin "turned a blind eye because of the money and the kids and the lifestyle he provides."

Listen, I'm not one to call out PGA Tour guys, but Crane, for all we know, seems to be a word I try not to use in this blog. He has won twice on the PGA Tour, which is impressive, but is one of the slowest, most aggravating players on tour, once forcing Rory Sabbatini to play out of turn because the guy was taking so long. Also, Crane was quoted as saying once, when asked why he doesn't like to know who he is playing with, "I looked up to a lot of these guys who I'm now playing with. So, I didn't want to have to go to sleep thinking about it."

Also, the most frustrating part of all this? Crane is a devout Christian, so how does he know of what Tiger does in his off-time? It isn't like Crane is out popping bottles with Tiger when he's sneaking out the back of clubs to bed these ladies.

I understand people are frustrated with Tiger, but this is a guy that is one of the most universally liked guys on tour. Calling him a phony and a fake seems like the kind of things a person that doesn't know him at all would spew. It would be like me bitching to my friends about how hard it is to be a 7-footer.

h/t Sir Busbee


Ted said...

Ben Crane must have just turned 3 this week, why not show a little respect, get the cob webs out of your head, or someday you will ust be a caddy, but for no one that knows golf, or maybe you show up as groundhog oin next caddyshack!! You poor , poor, little boy!

Ted said...

Yes i should have known that this was all BS, just frustated so bad with goings on !

Sorry Ben

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